• Screen to Screen Selling Introduction

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    Get the latest updates on Screen to Screen Selling

    How to sell without being physically present
    Increase confidence with of town buyers and sellers
    Decrease the amount of time you spend on the phone with customers.
    Eliminate weather and traffic as excuses for serving customers

    Screen to Screen SellingHow to Sell Without Being Physically Present
    Elite Membership Trainings Introduction
    By Doug Devitre
    Recommended Apps
    How to save time finding the best "Screen to Screen Selling" apps to implement in your sales calls.
    How to access these apps quickly in the least amount of time.
    Which apps to use in very specific situations that boost your credibility when working with customers.
    Setting Up the Screen to Screen Selling Meeting
    List the common mistakes when setting up a Screen to Screen Selling meeting.
    How to make sure customers don't bail on you last minute.
    How to ensure the best connection over the phone and over the internet.
    How to Start a Screen to Screen Selling Meeting
    How to set up "Instant Meetings" while already on the phone with customers.
    What language do you use to ensure customers are with you, not lost.
    Prepare yourself with a back up to the back of the back up.
    Creating Visuals for Screen to Screen Selling
    Are impromptu visuals better than visuals already created ahead of time?
    Where to find the most attractive visuals without spending a ton of money.
    What are screenshot templates and how they can train your customers to how to buy.
    Drawing Visuals on the Whiteboard
    How to minimize the amount needed to draw on the screen for maximum impact.
    How to tell a story using whiteboard tools that position you as the go-to expert.
    How to take customer's objections and handle them without no preparation whatsoever.
    Importing Visuals into the iPad
    How to convert your PowerPoint presentation into slides for diagnostic presentations.
    How to synchronize images from your computer to be displayed on your iPad for quick retrieval.
    How to organize your visuals based on customer type, product type, or service type.
    Screen to Screen Selling with Mindmeister
    Brainstorm with customers to choose the most appropriate alternatives.
    Deliver a road map for clients to create a customizable action plan for their decision making.
    Save customers time implementing your product or service into their daily activities or life.
    Screen to Screen Selling on Webinars
    How to engage your webinar participants by visualizing their needs and solutions.
    Create impromptu additions to your pre-loaded slides so your participants receive specific answers to their solutions.
    How to draw on your slides to frame important learning points for your participants.
    Recording Screen to Screen Selling Calls
    How to improve your sales calls by recording for quality and training participants.
    How to record calls with subject matter experts to create content for multiple media channels used for marketing, list building, and sales.
    How to create videos of screen to screen selling calls for video marketing.
    Screen to Screen Selling Conference Calls
    How to make your participants feel like they are involved in the conversation.
    How to control conversations using visuals that drive objectives of the meeting.
    How to create a trusted environment of participants.
    Screen to Screen Selling Website Demonstrations
    How to demonstrate your website from a laptop or mobile device .
    How to uncover opportunities with customers on their websites.
    How to save time on the phone with customers trying to navigate through your website.
    Screen to Screen Customer Service
    How to save hours on phone calls by solving customer issues faster.
    How to dissect complicated agreements, financial analysis, and excessive contracts to instill confidence with customers.
    How to use customer inquiries for future help desk inquiries.
    Screen to Screen Presentations
    Draw on your presentation slides for maximum impact.
    Engage participants during your presentation by asking them to complete activities that appear on slides.
    Customize your presentation on demand for participants.
    Screen to Screen Selling Assessment
    Define the metrics to determine your effectiveness in selling while not physically present.
    Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of screen to screen selling.
    Measure customer satisfaction from their participation in screen to screen selling activities.

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  • Screen to Screen Selling Play all

    Screen to Screen selling isn't just about technology.

    It's about how you can create opportunity or solve the customer's problem faster than you were able to before.
    In our process Screen to Screen Selling we cover the three primary functions that drive the customer to yes faster.


    Digital devices give you the leverage you do what it is you do faster than you ever could have before. The irritating challenge is selecting the most precise tools what integrate with what you already have so that you will blow your customers away with the value you provide and do it in less time.


    The question behind asking powerful questions depends upon how you can influence the beliefs of the customer using very specific language. Since the customer has elevating priorities and questions that demand immediate answers you cannot assume that they need to know what you know in the order they need to know it. In Screen to Screen Selling we will help sharpen your saw by systematically developing the right language to with multiple customer segments.
    Skill sets

    Screen to screen presentations REQUIRE that you not only have the right language and the right technology but also the skill sets on how to integrate them with one another. Small incremental shortcuts with how you take concepts to application depends upon how fast you can move from computer, to whiteboard, to visual, to demonstration to software demonstration. In the end the more skill sets you develop around this methodology you will add more value to your clients.

    In this step-by-step workbook we will cover the common mistakes you will experience because we have experienced all of them. What do you do when there is no Internet connection? What do you do when you computer or iPad freezes? What happens when your customers cannot connect with you online?

    We will show you the path to least resistance so that you can shorten your learning curve and start selling from your screen more effectively.
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