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    http://www.youtube.com/asia... - new channel !
    song - Fame is for assholes - hoodie allen

    who even reads these anymore ? But for any of you curious ones, i'd like to kind of explain where i have been and everything. Plus i hate text videos so i am sorry.
    So, i have started this new channel in 2010 with my best friend, and we really just made music videos together and majority of them are privated now because they are extremely embarassing. I was planning on making a video on this channel promoting it but i don't know, i just decided not to and here i am making one three years later. The reason why i am doing so is because I did have a few hundred subscribers and i didn't think it was fair to just leave, and i have do know that i have lost many subs, but for those who are still interested can watch my new channel? :)
    Basically this channel is quite different from AsianfreaksML (don't mind the username) because well for one, i actually show my face. yay. I remember when these fandom videos that i use to make was huge on youtube and i do know that it has died down a bit, and i can't lie, i do still watch them. I will still be using this channel, as i always have, with watching my subscriptions.
    It's been a few years since i have made a video but basically i am in school right now for film as i got accepted to an enriched high school for the arts. And without me being the little girl that i was making these disney videos, literally on the computer all day making weird videos, it's gotten me to do what i do today.
    I know i don't have too many videos on that channel currently as many of them are privated, but a lot more are coming soon. I will be posting all the other short filmsi have made, or the other misc videos such as Fashion ones, and music videos with my friends, and of course videos with my shared best best.
    So, yeah. That's basically it. Although i haven't been on this channel, active with making videos, i have still been making them, just differently.

    I also upgraded from windows movie maker to Final Cut Pro x so that is exciting :)
    I am hoping that my editing will enhance a lot more, since that is what i am focusing on, and that hopefully you guys will subscribe and still support me.
    Thank you.

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