• riddle me this Mystic Mac....claim the #1 contender...then take a fight 2 DAYS before a challenger emerges...Mystic Mac was wrong

    UFC 179: Fight Club Q&A with Conor McGregor - Duration: 18:43.

    • 4 months ago
    Watch the fight club Q&A with featherweight Conor McGregor live Friday, October 24 at 1pm/10am ETPT.
  • I would LOVE for you to make a long video describing your tuning process!!!....your drums sound great in every video....I think I am gonna try coated g2's thanks to your videos...but like I said would LOVE to see a from scratch drum tuning video from you!!!

    Evans Level 360 Coated G2 Heads - Duration: 3:32.

    • 1 year ago
    Been spending a little too much money on drum heads recently! These as the title would suggest are the Evans Level 360 Coated drum heads (On Toms), it is an Evans Level 360 Coated G1 on the Snare. ...
  • so your saying there was no other way that many cops could handle a dog whos owner is present...and the dog has a collar and a leash...without killing it?

    Hawthorne, Ca Police Kill Dog(1) - Duration: 3:35.

    • 1 year ago
    Swat and police are waiting on people to come out of the house, when a guy pulls up to record the scene. His dog runs out the car while the cops shoot in defense. - Recorded W/ Samsung Galaxy S4
  • hmmm...so that little blurr is the 757 huh...nevermind that that blurr is flying BELOW the building straight towards it...do you know ANYTHING about the capabilities of a 757 and trajectory??? I mean about how many feet off the ground would you say that "757" is flying at the .47 mark?

    9/11 Pentagon Footage Original Un-edited - Duration: 2:47.

    • 2 years ago
    Truthers claim the FBI hold 85 tapes which they say must therefore be 85 angles of the same scene; AAL77 hitting the Pentagon. What they fail to realise is that when the FBI collected tapes, they c...
  • GOD...this song builds to an epic crescendo...at 4:45 I nearly snap my own neck from headbanging....then comes that bad ass riff back in at....5:15....just fucking ridiculous

    INTRONAUT - The Welding (Album Track) - Duration: 6:02.

    • 2 years ago
    INTRONAUT - The Welding (Album Track). Taken from the new album 'Habitual Levitations', Century Media Records, 2013. Pre-Order packages available here: http://bit.ly/Wqi2uP .

    Catch Intronaut on To...
  • yeah the whole album is ridiculously good....I have really enjoyed listening to it...such a breath of fresh air

    INTRONAUT - Milk Leg (Album Track) - Duration: 6:44.

    • 2 years ago
    INTRONAUT - Milk Leg. Song off the new album 'Habitual Levitations', Century Media Records, 2013. Download the single now: http://bit.ly/UpAEv1 | Pre-Order packages available here: http://bit.ly/W...
  • LOL...that's funny because I think rightwing/Christian culture would like to blame it on violent movies,music and video games....when REALITY says that countries like Japan,Uk,Germany etc have the SAME movies music and video games....yet somehow a fraction of the gunviolence....its easier to label a group and ban the tools, than look deep in our country's soul and ask why are we doing this to ourselves

    Testing the "Lulz Liberator," a $25 3D-printed handgun - Duration: 0:30.

    • 1 year ago
    This handgun was printed with a $1,725 Lulzbot 3D printer and fired for the first time above. One plastic barrel survived eight shots, and another barrel was swapped in for the ninth, before nightf...
  • the point of the show was to protest the illusion of the two-party system...the fact is Gore received more popular vote in the 2000 election...which means more people who registered voted for Gore...and Bush STILL won the election...THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE PROTESTING AGAINST...the illusion of choice that the voting system supports

    Rage Against The Machine - Democratic Convention 2000 - Duration: 32:18.

    • 5 years ago
    Uncensored & Unrestricted Music Videos you can't find on other Social Networks! http://bvmtv.com/

    Twitter: #BVMTV - @JeffBVMTV

    Rage Against the Machine (RATM) played a free concert in protest of...
  • watching Larry the Cable guy squirm and check his watch was priceless

    Greg Giraldo roasts - Duration: 45:21.

    • 2 years ago
    Compilation of Greg Giraldo's roasts
    Chevy Chase 0:00-2:35
    Jeff Foxworthy 2:36-7:10
    Pamela Anderson 7:11- 14:16
    William Shatner 14:17-19:55
    Flavor Flav 19:56-24:49
    Cheech & Chong 24:50-28:45
  • agreed...in fact...that final 7 popping up on the river...may have sealed the deal for that guy to call...was the perfect card for Ivey

    Phil Ivey Making His Monster Hand Look Like A Bluff - Another Great Poker Play By Poker Legend - Duration: 2:04.

    • 3 years ago
    Phil Ivey gets lucky with a monster hand during WSOP - quad 7s. His job now is to maximize amount of chips he can win against his opponent holding pocket pair of...
  • bottom line...how long was GSP in dominant position on the ground....how many times did nick diaz GIVE him his back...HOW MANY TIMES did GSP attempt a submission??ZERO...he even admitted in the post fight conference that he didn't want to risk getting reversed by going for the sub...so GSP's gameplan WAS to win a 5 round decision...never to take any risks...THATS FUCKING RIDICULOUS..all GSP's BS about putting a beating on Diaz...nothing but WOLF TICKETS

    Nick Diaz vs GSP, Timothy Bradley vs Ruslan Provodnikov, Cro Cop K-1 Champ - Duration: 20:46.

    • 1 year ago
    Bloodstain Lane RECAPS the huge week in Combat Sports recapping the UFC 158 Mega Fight between Georges St Pierre & Nick Diaz, The BOXING classic between Timothy Bradley & Ruslan Provodnikov and Mir...
  • good luck tosha from JJ

    Push And Shove Drum Contest (Tosha Jones) - Duration: 5:39.

    • 1 year ago
    *The WINNING video for No Doubt's Push & Shove Drum Contest (selected by Adrian Young)*

    My entry for No Doubt's Push And Shove Drum Contest. This was a BLAST to make! CAUTION: I didn't do rolls, ...
  • I hear ya...I dont judge people because of their profession....since the inception of sales...some kind of marketing has existed...but the "marketing" in todays society goes WAY the fuck beyond the 4 p's...Im not gonna get into a long drawn out explanation to save us both the time...but everytime I see a commercial for an anti-depressant drug with "suicidal thoughts" as a side effect...I cringe...so maybe the best analogy is I love the soldier...hate the war...

    Bill Hicks rare interview from 1988 - Duration: 7:36.

    • 2 years ago
    a rare interview clip from 1988 in Memphis, Tennessee
  • lol so a teenager who is depressed, and has parents who think hes a devil worshipper because of the music he listens to....means he murdered 3 little boys ...he never knew...without any physical evidence to put them on the scene or tie them to the crime...in fact the only physical evidence that could have sealed the deal for the prosecution...the DNA...actually got them released....this is just an example that if a lie is repeated for long enough...people will believe it regardless of the facts

    Damien Echols Makes A Chilling Statement - Duration: 1:21.

    • 3 years ago
    Damien Echols makes a chilling statement about the Arkansas Department of Correction in an interview with Amy Goodman for Democracy Now. Chilling Statement: I knew [the prison officials] could have...
  • lol...Tools tightness...lyrics...and overall arrangements make these guys look like pop rock....I mean 2 minutes in to a 3 minute song..I have heard the same riff 100 times ...oh and they use a diminished chord for a whole section...every band member in tool blows this band out of the water

    Yakuza - Yama - Duration: 3:42.

    • 5 years ago
    The Avant-prog Metal band Yakuza.
    Yama, off ov "Way of the Dead".
  • I have been playing and performing for a long time...this is an AMAZING cover of this song...I mean from the vocals...to the bass playing...the guitar parts...the keyboard and drums...just downright awesome..I have been watching your "religious" videos for awhile...I heard you say you cover "Dogs"...man I would LOVE to hear that one...the dual guitar harmony breakdown always makes my hair on my neck stand up

    "Pigs (Three Different Ones)" Recreated - Duration: 10:53.

    • 2 years ago
    My project this summer was a faithful recreation of this song from Pink Floyd's awesome 1977 album "Animals." Years ago I similarly re-recorded "Dogs" (on 8-track tape!) — this time I wanted to do ...
  • bottom line...Chael STEPS UP...he challenges the BEST when people like Shogun and Machida refuse to take a fight they say they want...Sonnen may not be AS skilled a striker as Jones or Anderson...but neither are either of them AS skilled at Chael in grappling...I want to watch the guy that WANTS the fight

    Chael Sonnen gets feisty on Highly Questionable - Duration: 7:10.

    • 2 years ago
    Highly Questionable with Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones airs weekdays at 4:00 PM ET on ESPN2. Please DVR for a week and lets us what you think!

    Twitter: @HQonESPN
    Facebook: Facebook.com/HighlyQue...
  • I think roy nelson would be a character you could nail...maybe a nelson crwin skit...REALLY love your videos...killing time before the fights tonight...its early and your cracking my ass up

    Diego Sanchez High Fives Jesus - Duration: 3:01.

    • 2 years ago
    Fictional interviews of Diego Sanchez and Nick Diaz by Ariel Helwani. Please leave comments and subscribe!
  • seagal was spot on money

    Silva and Jones Kidnapped and Forced to Fight - Duration: 4:30.

    • 2 years ago
    Anderson Silva, Jon Jones and Mike Goldberg facing life and death circumstances. Guest appearances by Sensei Seagal and Greg Jackson. Follow us at http://twitter.com/fightartsfandom and http://twit...
    • CC
  • wow this was hilarious...ill subscribe and watch them all...should kill some time before the fights tonight

    Chael Sonnen Storms Off Landsberg's Show Again - Duration: 5:47.

    • 2 years ago
    Michael Landsberg annoys the hell out of Chael Sonnen. Based on their famous first interview (below). Follow us at http://twitter.com/fightartsfandom and http://twitter.com/prebek for news on lates...
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  • believe what you will...but the devil is a religious concept....he didnt sell his soul to something that doesnt exist...great truth is always first called blasphemy...they said the same thing about those that claimed the earth moved around the sun...and not vice-versa...they killed and imprisoned those people and now we know they were 100% RIGHT...look into things objectively

    The band Tool and the New Age agenda. Part 2. - Duration: 7:41.

    • 4 years ago
    Tool, you have been naughty boys! (still)

    Keywords to search for in Google to help you verify the information in this video: "Hermes snake-god", "Babylonian Talmud", "Sun hieroglyph", "Tupac Ill...
  • did you actually listen to what they were talking about? lol...he was accusing Jones of verbally tapping to Vitor...and Jones was getting defensive as hell about it...changing the subject...hes playing some serious head games with young Jonesy...but it probably wont be enough to stop Jones from destroying him

    Dana White UFC on FOX 5 Henderson vs Diaz vlog day 2 - Duration: 9:46.

    • 2 years ago
    Dana White UFC on FOX 5 Henderson vs Diaz day 2 vlog:
    Dana sees a crime in progress.
    Chael shares a funny story and asks Jon Jones some hard hitting questions.
    Mike Tyson Stops by the TUF gym, and...
  • lol...just by asking IF it was a parody...you kind of showed that you probably shouldnt reproduce either

    Did Obama Fake the Moon Landing? - Duration: 1:08.

    • 4 years ago
    Birther: Obama's Secret is a ground breaking documentary that exposes the truth about Barack Hussein Obama's birth, religion and plans for America. We traveled from Hawaii, to Kenya to Indonesia to...
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