Team owners, general managers, coaches, and the like favor non-whites over whites at a high rate.  
ANY innocuous remark about race made...
Team owners, general managers, coaches, and the like favor non-whites over whites at a high rate.  
ANY innocuous remark about race made by white sports personalities is met with public criticism and loss of position.
The only racial angle of interest in the NFL is getting blacks to become quarterbacks and head coaches. Yet there isnt a word about there being ZERO white cornerbacks. 
Announcers seem filled with joy at every mention of success by blacks athletes. Whats the source for such happiness?
Discrimination of white athletes in favor of non-whites is part of a coordinated assault on traditional Western values. The bias that disadvantages white players at every level of competition is an important component in a scheme to remake society.
The name of the philosophy that wishes to change our society is "Cultural Marxism." This is a form of Marxism that attempts to alter society through changes in the media, art, theater, film and other cultural institutions like SPORTS, by using race and gender issues instead of class conflict.
Marxists realized that the biggest obstacle to world domination was the United States. Traditions of freedom and liberty would never succumb to frontal assault. Therefore cultural institutions would have to be infiltrated and subverted. Thus attacks on the bulwarks of American society were necessary. Targets included our republican style government, local education systems, Christian morality, social clubs, and the like.
Cultural Marxism has worked beyond its promoters' wildest dreams. Our once great institutions are unrecognizable in comparison to a couple of generations ago. Our European-descended population has been reduced to near minority status through unrestricted immigration and welfare sponsored birth inflation.
Each and every sports announcer, writer, commentator, and TV personality has been educated in a university that indoctrinated them with the philosophy of Cultural Marxism. They either learn to preach the party line or they do not move on to careers in the field of sports journalism. Once there they will not progress or keep their position if they stray from the script that has been drilled into them. Any misstep from the required propaganda results in swift reprisal or loss of job. This is true of conservatives as well as liberals. 
When the Cultural Marxists take over a university campus, they seize control of the school budgets to enact their agenda, including things like quotas for admissions which "steal" spots that would otherwise go to more deserving white students.
Similarly, when a white athlete loses a spot to a lesser-qualified black athlete, the concepts of Cultural Marxism are fulfilled. A member of the group that is considered "good" has replaced the "evil" white person. 
The happiness with which nearly every white announcer or writer is filled whenever they are describing the success of a black athlete is thus explained; they have fulfilled the requirements of their educational programming and continued employment.
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