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    • SPFX OPEN WOUND! - Duração: 6 minutos, 51 segundos.

      • 9 anos atrás
      • 1.464.551 visualizações
      :) i was bored so i decided to share this with you! :) i know its not halloween yet!
    • How to make a fake tattoo - Duração: 5 minutos, 15 segundos.

      • 9 anos atrás
      • 1.224.306 visualizações
      This is atutorial on how to make a fake tattoo from sharpies, looks very real! and remember i want to see pictures of your tattoos! have fun!
    • My Makeup Pictures - Duração: 4 minutos, 5 segundos.

      • 9 anos atrás
      • 172.058 visualizações
      This is a video of my makeup work.
    • Universal Studios Hollywood 2010 Makeup pictures! - Duração: 9 minutos, 23 segundos.

      • 6 anos atrás
      • 102.001 visualizações
    • Extreme Arabic Eyes "I love Makeup" Contest Entry - Duração: 9 minutos, 5 segundos.

      • 9 anos atrás
      • 63.680 visualizações
      This is a look for the contest Beckismoonstar "I love makeup", I kind of went a little over board but i like how it came out! :) Hope you guys liked it!
    • An Update! Makeup Pictures and News - Duração: 6 minutos, 22 segundos.

      • 9 anos atrás
      • 33.886 visualizações
      britney spears - hot as ice
      britney spears - do something

      by the way i saw her a week ago shoppig at target! lol!!! she looks great! :)
    • Snakey Face Painting! - Duração: 9 minutos, 54 segundos.

      • 8 anos atrás
      • 27.633 visualizações
      I love the wolfe brothers, their face art is amazing! more videos comming soon, Hope you guys liked it!

      if you guys like this video let me know so i can do more face painting vi...
    • Dia de los muertos Inspired look Part 3 - Duração: 9 minutos, 44 segundos.

      • 8 anos atrás
      • 19.967 visualizações
      I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as i did!
      here is the link to my etsy shop where you can purchase the jewlery

      so who is going to imats?
      I will be there both d...
    • Cutting the crease! Blue and yellow - Duração: 3 minutos, 26 segundos.

      • 9 anos atrás
      • 16.150 visualizações
    • Black and Hot Pink Glittery Eyes - Duração: 8 minutos, 38 segundos.

      • 9 anos atrás
      • 14.739 visualizações
      This is a Black and Hot Pink look requested by CHAVELA76 Hope you like it!
    • dramatic green and purple eyes! - Duração: 4 minutos, 55 segundos.

      • 9 anos atrás
      • 14.312 visualizações
      song: steve aoki "shake and pop"

      sorry for the cut up song... i dont know what happened, it sounded fine when i uploaded it! oh well!!! :)

      go subscribe!!!
      love you guys!!!
    • Red and Black Pin-up Look - Duração: 5 minutos, 25 segundos.

      • 9 anos atrás
      • 14.077 visualizações
      This is a heavy red and black pin-up inspired look. Hope you guys enjoy it!
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    • MY FIRST EVER VLOG! (March 1st 2017) - ikea trip and packing for MEXICO! - Duração: 20 minutos.

      • 3 meses atrás
      • 67 visualizações
      Hello my lovely subbies! I missed you guys! I hope you guys enjoy this vlog! Let me know how I did and if you have any requests! I'm back to filming after a year! Please feel free to leave me some ...
    • Glittery Halo Eyes and bold lip makeup tutorial - Duração: 15 minutos.

      • 1 ano atrás
      • 355 visualizações
      Hi All! I'm back at it again after almost a year off Youtube! Hope you guys enjoy this look! All products will be listed below...
      Thank You For Watching!!!
      Follow me on:
      Instagram: Makeupholicliz
    • Strawberry fields central park - Duração: 34 segundos.

      • 1 ano atrás
      • 40 visualizações
    • My T.M.I Tag!!! - Duração: 24 minutos.

      • 3 anos atrás
      • 394 visualizações
      Hi Guys!!! I decided to jump on the band wagon and do a T.M.I. tag!... I warn you though its pretty long but if you want to know a little more about me then Enjoy!!!

    • Fantasy Makers "Bewitching Eyes" Eyelash Review - Duração: 5 minutos, 57 segundos.

      • 3 anos atrás
      • 504 visualizações
      Hi guys! its been far too long since ive made a video! I hope you guys enjoy my review of the New Fantasy Makers Bewitching eyes paper eyelashes.
      I purchased these at my local Wallgreens about 2 d...
    • How to: The Basics Of Airbrushing - Duração: 23 minutos.

      • 4 anos atrás
      • 1.640 visualizações
      Hi Guys, I hope you guys enjoy this video I put together for you guys, I wanted to do this because a lot of you ask me what supplies and equipments i use to airbrush. Please keep in mind that there...
    • Collective Haul 2013 - Duração: 24 minutos.

      • 4 anos atrás
      • 353 visualizações
      Hi guys! Hope you guys enjoy this very long collective haul. I've been collecting these items for about a month now. Let me know what you think! Don't forget to comment rate and subscribe! I promis...
    • How to make a fake tattoo - Duração: 5 minutos, 15 segundos.

      • 4 anos atrás
      • 6.155 visualizações
      This is a tutorial on how to make a fake tattoo from sharpies, looks very real! and remember i want to see pictures of your tattoos! have fun!
    • ^^^D.I.Y. Jewelry Stand With $5!^^^ - Duração: 10 minutos.

      • 4 anos atrás
      • 1.131 visualizações
      Hi Guys! I hope you guys enjoy this DIY jewelry stand for your accessories! Let me know if you guys decide to make it and dont forget to comment, rate and subscribe! Thank you!!!

    • Halloween Tutorial - Stapled Wound! Special FX - Duração: 15 minutos.

      • 4 anos atrás
      • 4.803 visualizações
      Happy Halloween! This is my first of many halloween tutorials I will be doing this year 2012. I hope you guys find this helpful and comment below to request a look you would like to see in upcoming...
    • The cute way to store your beauty tools!!! - Duração: 76 segundos.

      • 4 anos atrás
      • 531 visualizações
      Thank you so much for checking out my store! If you have any questions please send me a private message.
      Store Link:

      Enter coupon code: Youtube15
      For 15% off yo...
    • Unboxing My Influenster Latina VoxBox! - Duração: 20 minutos.

      • 4 anos atrás
      • 608 visualizações
      Hi Guys Influenster sent me a Latina Vox Box Recently and I wanted to let you guys know about a couple of products that are new to me but caught my attention. Check out Influenster . com so you ca...
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