• Parody: "Subscribe to My Page" (Smashing Pumpkins- 'Bullet with Butterfly Wings' Parody)

    1,502 views 5 years ago
    Lyrics below. The song is more of the epic tone than actual funniness, but this video can still be enjoyed, especially if you know the song. My first work that is not necessarily intended for the usual audience of people I already know, rather for people who don't know me, which is why it fits well for the new channel design's preview video thing.

    When I uploaded this originally, it was soon accompanied by putting some channels in my box, but they've changed occasionally

    A|\|D HEE|) T3|-| V1D30'S Me55AgE PLoX!!11!1! (Subscribe)

    Lyrics (a notice at the bottom):
    YouTube is an empire...sends to fa-a-a-a-a-ame
    All of the Partners...while us noobs put to shaaame
    And what do I get...can't obta-a-a-a-a-a-ain
    Twenty subscribers...and comments that I'm laaame
    Even though - I - wrote
    All my vi - de - os
    I'll always upload
    It's no jooooooooooooke

    Subscribe to my page, and you'll be laughing away
    Subscribe to my page, and we'll be hitting replay
    Then someone will say he's lost his touch and will cave
    Subscribe to my page, I will go bake you a cake!

    Now we'll make it...together to the top let's go
    They keep on hatin...we're an average Joe
    And what do you want?...I want to enterta-a-a-a-ain
    Will you box4box? ...Nah, I can maintaaain
    Don't have to - pro-mote
    All my vi - de - os
    I dont want to gloat
    It's a jooooooooooooke

    Subscribe to my page, Mac'roniMan17
    Subscribe to my page don't forget to like and fav
    But someone'll say he's flagged, he must misbehave
    Subscribe to my page, or I'll punch you in the faaaaaace

    Smosh is not the only one
    Fred is not the only one
    VP is not the only one
    Shane is not only one
    VEVO 's not the only one you viiiieeeewwww

    Subscribe to my page, I'm really batshit insane
    Subscribe to my page get your dose of vitamin K
    But someone will say he's pos and much to lazy
    Subscribe to my page and I'll upload every DAAAAAAY
    Subscribe to my page, I will be thankin' ya,
    Subscribe to my page, I will say hey to ya
    Subscribe to my page if you could be so brave

    CH, not the only one
    Ray Johnson, not only one
    Featured's not the only stuff that's neeeeew
    And I still believe that we'll make it one day!
    And I still believe that we wont be enslaved!
    And I still believe that I can be forgave!
    And I can concede that we'll start a new wave!

    Oi: Despite the seemingly serious nature of this song, it's still for comedic fun. That being said, I aint condemning YouTube or any of the popular users I mentioned, in fact am a fan of all or most of them, which is why they GOT a mention, amiright? Yes, flag me for advertising you, please. (Of course this doesn't mean that if you're a well-known comedian whom I didn't mention that I don't like you too or anything) On that note, this video isn't really meant as an advertisement for MY page either, I mean it is still a song that I tried hard on after all... Show less
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