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  • My Brutal Advice to Recent Graduates

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    My advice to graduates. First, wake up. Who can blame you for being bored Shi’ite-less? You’ve spent four years of your life being indoctrinated and trained and habituated and conditioned to what? Conditioned for failure. And for what? Exactly. Look, you’ve heard the gloomy job prognostications and when it hits you how you’ve wasted your time and money, well . . . you’ll see. And how about these speakers? Seriously. Robert De Niro, Hollywood’s answer to Ambien, who knows only one acting style and delivery no matter the movie or time, only got attention when he dropped the proverbial F-bomb. That’s it. That’s how we’ve been conditioned. Gee, Travis Bickle said fuck. “Tisch graduates, you made it,” De Niro said after taking the stage. “And you’re fucked.” Hardy har har. We love cursing and coprolalia; it’s a substitution for wit. If you want to pretend to be a comedian and you’re short on humor or funny, curse up a storm and be filthy. But, I digress.

    A capsulized version. Well, my friend, if I were given the chance to speak before a group of the recently released I’d speak to a number of absolutes. To wit, inter alia: 1. There is no such thing as a meritocracy here in this country. Where it may exist in this country, it is usually trumped by corruption and nepotism. 2. Loyalty is not appreciated in this country. Loyalty is appreciated in small doses until it is no longer needed. 3. There is an information evolution but you’d never know it watching #MSM. They have two primary functions: making money for their parent companies by being entertaining and protecting their parent companies financial interests through their choice, depth, and direction of news coverage. 4. Jobriath is the perfect example of hype not necessarily equating to success. He died of AIDS while living in a pyramid on the roof of the Chelsea Hotel at age 36. Meteoric rises often lead to meteoric descents. 5. Those in charge of determining what will be successful ofttimes have nary a clue as they’ve no ear or taste for that which they’re entrusted to know. 6. The Peter Principle becomes exponentially more applicable as the pace of change increases – the powers that be become incompetent at a much faster rate than in previous generations. 7. The larger the company, the smaller the risks they wish to take. No truly inventive program has originated on the big networks; they wait to see what sells, and then copy it or buy it outright, usually losing what makes the program edgy in the process. 8. #MSM is stuck in a time warp. Frozen. Stuck. Fossilized in media amber.
    9. Information is power. That’s why corporations and governments and thieves scramble to obtain it and hold on to it, and why they try to keep you and I from having it.
    10. Information is the ammunition of the revolution, the bloodless data platform coup.


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