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  • How the Government and Media Are Lying About Net Neutrality

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    It doesn't get any more axiomatic as to the necessity of the media to promote free-speech than the horrors that were manifested through the FCC's imposition of net neutrality that the mainstream media in particular have met with not so much as a raised Botoxed eyebrow. In case you missed it, the Internet and World Wide Web are now considered a utility under Title II of the Communication Act. The long-range implications of such are beyond mind boggling. This opens the door to licensure requirements for websites, decency regulation, fairness doctrine applications and worse. My friend Anthony Cumia has a wildly successful Internet show who owes its success in part to the ability of the platform remain unfettered and unregulated. Net or "Not!" Neutrality or Neutering poses a real and obvious threat to the future of entertainment via free speech.

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