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    Book and Motion Picture Coming Soon
    "Real Time Supernatural Internet Creation" AKA "The Creation" Project

    Presently "a work in progress" - A Collaborative Creation by Steve Meyer and Infinite Intelligence.

    *As of 6/18/11, Sean Hannity has been "included"....in addition to Actor Bradley Cooper and Author Dan Brown. These 3 have been "delivered" to my conscious mind for inclusion - their role - I do not know yet. I do not know any of them personally. By "delivered" I mean I received a very strong and intense mental image of them when "communication" is in place between Infinite Intelligence and myself, which occurs when I speed up the vibration of thought in my Conscios mind to the Subconscious / Infinite Intelliegence level. That is when I "request" my next directions and direction for this "Creation". How do I speed up my Conscious Mind to an exact level so the vibration of thoughts can communicate with the Subconscious / Infinte Intelligence you ask? -- I run (fast and hard) while listening to very loud Heavy Metal music, mostly songs featuring Zakk Wylde (Guitarist), and after a few minutes, I can and do "tap into" the same "frequency" as Infinite Intelligence, and the creative ideas and next step answers flow effortlessly ( this is extremely over-simplified, or everyone would just exercise while listening to The Black Label Society on their Ipods like I do, and have the wisdom and energy of creation at their disposal!). These communication sessions last for about 2 minutes tops. After that, not only do I "lose my connection", but I get extremely drained, and come home mentally exhausted each and every time (I run outside - weather premitting).

    WARNING: I have received many disturbing images and thoughts, heavily centered around the Occult and things that are dark and disturbing...bombs exploding in the Middle East, grave robbers, Evil based Rituals and Sacrifices, Priests and their sexual temptations / apetites for children, etc etc.....this movie will be Rated R or NC17 ...nothing PG13 about it.

    infinite Intelligence WORKS LIKE A MACHINE -- it has no emotions or compassion. Imagine aTtrillion Trillion Supercomputers combined into 1, and you can access it with your PC (your own mind). If you put in the right prompt, or "request", you will get an answer that is technically correct, but delivered with no opinion, reservation, or regard for consequences...that is how Infinite Intelligence "operates". My images and thoughts received have been completely unfiltered and without regard for their psychological impact on me or anyone else -- so will be the case with the book and movie............

    The internet and people from around the world are helping shape the story line as you read this --and you are now part of the Creation because you are reading this .

    Real time activity online and offline ( like the St. Anthony's Church 780 year old Relic theft ) are helping create and alter this Supernatural Mystery Thriller, with internet input suggestions flowing directly from Infinite Intelligence into Steve Meyer's (my ) subconscious mind, and then to my conscious mind where the Creation's requested "next step" is followed - (internet based input thru various channels and venues). Put more simply, information / Creativity is flowing from Infinite Intelligence to me, and then from me to the Internet.

    Actions in "the real world" can get (for lack of a better term) "sucked" into ths unfolding story , or they can be intentioanlly performed to become part of the story -- I have no idea how it will end - at least not yet.


    The "connection" between Infinite Intelligence and me has been constant and intense - since my 02/07/11 contact was successfuly achieved -- this opened a doorway in my subconscious mind, and the door is still open......I will do everything I can think of to maintain this mental state / ability. The experience has been nothing short of a "miralce" - which I don't believe in as I am not religious at all, so lets just call it a Quantum Physics Earthly Event .... sounds much more Science based - my comfort level with all of ths.....
    "The Creation" Project - Bradley Cooper, Dan Brown, Sean Hannity- by Infinite Intelligence
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