• Full Chakra Restoration Cleansing

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    [updated 2015] Powerful ambient audio will now gradually stream in at about the 1:00 minute mark during the process and gradually fade. Viewers have requested this and I hope it helps.

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    Please read below before you begin. When ready, please use full screen thank you. :-)

    This was a gift given to me by my spirit guide Archangel Gabriel and of-coarse with all blessings we receive we must share them to the world if desired to do so.

    I, like many have been called to embark on this wonderful journey of life and spiritual development, understanding the one-ness for which we all belong to, and looking from within to see out.

    The first way to begin full Chakra restoration is to try to relax and focus on all of the Chakra colors as a whole. Look at all the color circles by focusing on the white transparent circle surrounding them. You will then receive a full Chakra repair, and restoration cleansing. You may get shifted back as the energy takes you by surprise. You will feel an intense sensation as your entire body will feel light, energy, and love!

    This second method restores each Chakra point individually. Please replay video for this step.

    The first step is to only look at the crown Chakra first. You will instantly feel infinite amounts of energy flowing into your body at the crown Chakra level of your body. While still focusing on the crown Chakra, glance down at the next Chakra, which is the brow Chakra.

    You will continue to do this all the way down until you reach your final Chakra, which is the root Chakra. Take as much time as you need per area where you need most work on. Now you will repeat everything but in reverse until you reach back to crown Chakra.

    After feeling a level of enlightenment you have never felt before, close your eyes and you will see magic happening right in front of your very own eyes (3)

    Please leave any extraordinary experience you may have in comment box!

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