• The KNIT Formula For Being a Superstar In Your Life

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    http://knitfreedom.com/knit... Did you know that the lessons you learn from knitting can help you become a superstar in the rest of your life?

    I actually use this formula on myself almost every day to help me be courageous, intrepid, and kind. I hope you love it!

    The KNIT Formula For How To Be A Superstar In Your Life

    K: KNOW You Can Do It

    KNOWING is different from thinking or believing. Knowing comes from experience. If you've ever accomplished something in knitting that made you proud, you know the feeling of knowing you can do it. The same goes for regular life. Think about it -- what was a great difficulty in your life that you overcame? How confident do you feel in your inner strength as you reflect on your success?

    The takeaway: Don't forget how strong you've been.

    N: NO Freaking Out!

    Have you ever accidentally done something so strange to your knitting that you started to panic? Said to yourself, "No, no, no, this can't be happening!" What about in life? Are you feeling that "freak-out" feeling just thinking about it? Well, remember me next time it happens, and say to yourself, "Something's going wrong and I want to freak out. Liat says 'NO freaking out!'" Stay calm on purpose so you can get through whatever it is in one piece.

    The takeaway: You have to realize that you're freaking out in order to stop it from happening, so pay attention to yourself.


    Being INTREPID means that when you get that feeling like you want to run away, you don't. I've used this one on myself so many times in the past months... Heck, yesterday I went to my first day of a singing class and the teacher ended up calling me to the front of the class to sing into a microphone -- I seriously had one of those "I'm-naked-at-school-this-has-to-be-a-bad-dream" moments. But I didn't run away. And here's a tip from someone who's been trying this one a lot later: it gets easier with practice.

    The takeaway: When you want to run away, don't.
    Choose to stay and conquer your fear.

    T: TRANSFORM Your Mistakes Into Victories

    You'll know you need to TRANSFORM a mistake when every time you think about what you did, you get bummed all over again. To transform it, say to yourself, "Yay! I'm so glad I made this mistake! I have now identified something that will make my life much better if I learn how to fix it." Then, just ask yourself, "What can I learn from this mistake? How was this mistake a gift to me?"

    The takeaway: If you can transform your biggest regrets,
    your heart will be so light.

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you become a superstar in your life with knitting.

    I've used these reminders almost daily since I came up with the formula, and they've helped me get through the rocky growing pains of running an almost-three-year-old business as well as do some pretty scary things in my personal life, like doing 5Rhythms dance, taking singing lessons at a community college, and being open, considerate, and fair when I have conflicts with my loved ones.

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    What do you think of the formula? Can you see yourself using these tricks in your knitting and in your life? What reminders have helped you be awesome when you wanted to not? Post in the comments and let me know: http://knitfreedom.com/bein...... Show less
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