• Rep Your Hood Contest (sponsored by Vudu Kat)

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    1. Forgive my voice, (I have a cold) AND today is my birthday!!!!!!
    2. This is my entry to the Rep Your Hood contest. This is acapella and (a first for me) CLEAN! There is no swearing in this verse. That was not a requirement for the contest, but more of a challenge for me!

    Shout out to Vudu Kat


    Who hotter than me? Nada! Nobody in this game.
    Fire flow, hot like lava driving haters insane.
    From the midwest, I been blessed,
    y'all nasty like incest, when you see me call me Orkin, cause I'm ridding the game of you pests!
    Wartime flow, I lyrically drop bombs kids, y'all hit
    run up out of Cleveland like LeBron did!
    Josh Cribbs running the game right past you fools,
    I make the rules, you look confused,
    like you're fresh from a snooze.
    Well wake it up, cause here it is,
    I'm what the game has been missing.
    Hip hop aint dead, it's been expanding,
    y'all should take note and listen.
    Never has there been a time when so many have tried to do this,
    getting rich or dying trying to perfect and pursue this.
    Well let me put you at ease, cause now I'm here and it's over.
    Representing 2-1-6 till I die like a soldier.
    What up to Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Wish and the 5th thug Flesh,
    the whole Mo Thugs, Midwest Mafia, my city's the best!
    Shout out to Men at Large, the O'Jays, the whole LeVert Clan,
    the Rude Boys, MGK and Ray Cash, understand?!
    My name is Lethal, you know the spot, it's O-H-I-O,
    My city's Cleveland, 2-1-6 and you already know! Show less
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