~fan of Tegan and Sara~
~fan of Tegan and Sara~

i'm a proud lesbian, but honestly my username only includes "lesbian" in it so guys don't question what sexual orientation i am;
as i'm apparently somewhat flirtatious towards all sexes.
it's not WHO i am but a part of me. i go by Lu or Lulu~

you won't see me very often as i'm cooped up in a little apartment in Nelson BC, which i'm pretty sure little of you know what or where the hell that is,
"i know a guy named Mr ___ Nelson,"
(i've heard that one a lot)

what else? i love music. "there is something strangely musical about noise"(Trent Reznor) i'm not a fan of mainstream music but i'm not a troll to someone's taste in music (even if in my opinion it stinks like shit stains), i'll just ignore it if i hate it.

i'm sickened by the media and the gov't. i'm just going to put that out there. i've taken part of many protests and will continue to do so; all for RIGHTS. humans need to be humans. it doesn't matter whether they may be 'wrong' according to someone's opinion, whether they're religious, into communism, or whatever else, they deserve rights, too. we don't need to like each other to stand together. to be one. implanted VeriChips isn't vital for humanity. for SECURITY. i hope you all realize that the tube loves to brainwash, loves to pretend. but as long as we realize and argue over what's happening, NOTHING will be done. it's not what's happening, we've defined that oh so many times already...it's wearing thin...but what hasn't been discussed much is HOW to stop this. so i will take part in trying.
okay but i do not like the Westboro Baptist Church. i think i go insane whenever i hear about them.
enjoy my prof...ile.
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