• L8RG8R2U's Best Moments of 2017

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    2017 has come and gone, which means it's time to look back on the Best Moments!

    We started off the year with completing The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD and EarthBound. Soon afterwards, we started Splatoon and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Both of which had been projects I'd been planning out for awhile.
    Even though Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon was delayed constantly throughout the years, I'm very satisfied with the final series. It was my first Let's Play of a 3DS game which has opened the doors to several new projects in the future!
    Splatoon was something I'd been recording footage for well before the first episode was even released. The layout of that entire Let's Play was something I'd spent a long time carefully planning out so that each part of the game would get the time they deserved. Not only was this a fun Let's Play to work on, but it was also a great learning experience for how I'd handle online multiplayer games in the future!
    Towards the end of the year, we started some new Let's Plays which are still ongoing at the time that this video is being uploaded. I won't go over my overall thoughts on Tomb Raider: Trilogy or Super Mario Galaxy since we're still in the middle of those Let's Plays. I just hope you've been enjoying those projects as much as I've enjoyed working on them!
    Two other major things happened in 2017: G.A.M.E and G8RVlogs.
    We started a new collaboration channel, G.A.M.E, in August with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Versus. Since then, we've also completed Splatoon Versus and Mario Kart 8 Co-Op, and Super Mario 3D World Versus will begin later this month. We've had a lot of fun so far and we can't wait to share what we have planned for 2018!
    G8RVlogs wasn't nearly as big as G.A.M.E, but it was still a big moment in 2017. I was able to attend PAX West and meet my favorite Let's Players, something I'd been wanting for years! I'm glad I was able to share my trip with all of you and can't wait to go to another convention!

    My plans for 2018 will be discussed in the Six Years of L8RG8R2U video next month, but I will confirm that I'll be announcing Let's Play #24 during that video and you'll all have the chance to vote for an upcoming Let's Play!

    If you made it through this huge wall of text, thank you all for your support this part year! I hope you're looking forward to 2018!

    Videos Featured in This Montage:
    . Splatoon 2 - MasaeAnela Says L8RG8R2U
    . G8RVlogs | PAX West 2017 - #FireChugga (9/2/17)
    . E3 2017 Reactions Discussion - Part 1: Microsoft, Bethesda & EA
    . E3 2017 Reactions Discussion - Part 4: Final Thoughts
    . The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD - Episode 60
    . Splatoon - Episode 6
    . Splatoon - Episode 7
    . Splatoon - Episode 8
    . Splatoon - Episode 9
    . Splatoon - Episode 14
    . Splatoon - Episode 31: Private Battles
    . Splatoon - Episode 32: Tournament (Round Two)
    . Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - Episode 10: Graveyard Shift
    . Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - Episode 15: A Timely Entrance
    . Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - Episode 20: Showtime
    . Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - Bonus 2: Hunt ScareScraper
    . Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - Bonus 4: Rush ScareScraper
    . Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - Grand Finale: Surprise ScareScraper
    . Tomb Raider: Legend - Episode 1: Tiwanaku
    . Tomb Raider: Legend - Episode 6: Meeting with Takamoto
    . Tomb Raider: Legend - Episode 7: My New Favorite Person
    . Tomb Raider: Legend - Episode 9: Dearest Amelia
    . Tomb Raider: Legend - Episode 10: Waiting is for the Patient
    . Tomb Raider: Legend - Episode 17: Excalibur Reforged
    . Super Mario Galaxy - Episode 1: Our Special One
    . Super Mario Galaxy - Episode 8: Spider Dance
    . Super Mario Galaxy - Episode 10: A Very Sticky Situation
    . Super Mario Galaxy - Episode 11: Rolling Green Rage
    . Super Mario Galaxy - Episode 15: That One Eel...

    Let's Plays
    . Tomb Raider: Trilogy • https://www.youtube.com/pla......
    . Super Mario Galaxy • https://www.youtube.com/pla......
    . G.A.M.E • https://www.youtube.com/cha......

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