Hi there! Glad you dropped in!

Hi there! Glad you dropped in!

I'm a culture freak - I am obsessed with film (especially The Dark Knight!), but I also paint, write novels, play music, read the Iliad as bedtime story, etc. I also hate small mammals and baby chickens, but that's off the record.

I've been playing drums for about a decade, and I also play keyboard by ear. Most of my videos will therefore be me playing music - I'll also try to play all the instruments of certain songs and possibly sing as well, and then mix the whole thing together into one video. We'll see how that works out...

I'm also going to record and subsequently upload a sort of documentary film which will be a satire of the human society, can't wait to start filming!

I'd like to sum up this presentation of myself with a few well chosen words:

All religions are pure hypocrisy! I believe in Harvey Dent! It is NOT called soccer!!! George Bush is a cunt! Beyoncé for president!

Yours sincerely,
Kotlettbengt, aka Belly Smurf
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