• 7. K-WAK - Outta Space (feat. Jordan Dennis) [Official Audio] (@kidwithakalling)

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    Produced by Michael Bradea
    Mixed by Michael Bradea
    Mastered by Isaac Naylor

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    Copyright (C) K-WAK 2017. All Rights Reserved.


    So many people in the world, why this happen to me?
    I don't understand, like you're speaking Latin to me
    I thought, life was like a cat, fall flat on your feet
    But I was wrong, so I gotta cop that on the cheek

    All I wanted was to be a producer
    This is not what I'm used to
    Wakin' everybody, like I'm a rooster
    Now I gotta stay low key, like a bass tone
    I need to strength to fight off the stones that they throwin'

    It's cancerous,
    This an emergency, someone call the ambulance
    I can't stand the risk that awaits me
    But I have a Good Father, that's amazing grace, b (amazing grace, b)

    And though I walk... through the valley of the shadow of death
    I know, that you're holding my world together.


    It's like you vanished (ohh)
    Without a trace (out a trace)
    And now I'm stranded
    In outer space (outer space)

    I can't even find the way
    To my escape
    I'm outta space,

    I'm outta space
    (I need some room to breathe...
    This pain is so new to me)

    I'm outta space
    (I know I gotta turn to you
    But man I broke when I heard the news)

    I'm outta space
    (This is hard to face
    But I know that you'll keep me safe)

    I'm outta space
    (Where do I go from here?
    I really can't feel you near)

    I'm outta space VERSE 2 (K-WAK)

    This is all so new to me, I feel out of place
    I never been so high, up in outer space
    Heard a lot of people quit, so if that's the case
    I can't imagine the things I'm about to face

    Yo, but I'm backin' I'll see more
    Than Hansel, Gretel or Jack and the Beanstalk
    It don't matter what he thought,
    I reached for the stars, regardless what my range is, like it was Queens Park

    I don't care about the deficit
    Or my ear, how deaf is it
    Boy I came to play, like Love & James
    I didn't do this, to run away

    And though I walk... through the valley of the shadow of death
    I know, that you're holding my world together BRIDGE/OUTRO (K-WAK)

    So many questions, but not enough time
    So many lessons, in all of this grind
    I been workin', and I been searchin'
    But all I know is that I'm outta my mind

    If I think that I can understand you
    And all the things that you're putting me through
    But I know, that's it's all for the better
    So I pray, that you keep me together (x2) Show less
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