• Urkel - Kevin and Armin (Lyric Video)

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    Verse 1 (Kevin)

    It's only elemental
    How I set up the tempo
    When I bring it
    Mean muggin becomes so sentimental.

    The odor of dollar
    can make man so detrimental
    talkin paper is nonsense
    That ain't the scent/cent I meant though/dough.

    See my signature flat out up in the night sky.
    Outline each star by finger tips
    And let the light die.

    the truly greatest
    Who'll never make it

    Cus I won't let labels
    rape the image
    copy, paste create it.

    High and mighty
    Don't try me
    Because my mind is a titan that is
    becomin Enlightened
    With perfect timin
    I'm fightin.

    I get it rockin logic poppin i will never stop it
    Everytime I go in for the kill
    without no pra-ah-ah-ah

    Without no problem
    no problem.
    nah no problem at all.
    Rise together but remember united they fall.

    Line em up
    One by one they
    killin them off.
    So i'm fightin mad as hell.
    I feel like Incredible Hulk.

    I'm a marvel so you know there ain't no kryptonite.
    Goin in and I ain't playin.
    Kinda like I missed a flight.

    I do it all for someone
    and on that I'll never lie.
    Felt the pain of many lives
    So it's as if she never died.

    Verse 2 (Armin)

    One shot
    One shot
    One hit
    I gotta give it to'em

    Tryna say he wouldnt
    Make it
    But they barely knew him

    Short stacked
    Looking down is how they try and view him
    Bitches talkin head
    But they barely blew him

    Through all of this
    I just wanna get my mind right
    Shine bright
    Even without being in the limelight

    Lookin sideways
    But they dont see me in hindsight
    You might stand tall
    But your mind is finite

    Make your whole clique
    Hear click click
    Followed by a gun powder
    Bursting out the lead pipe

    Cranium explodes
    That chome will hit your dome
    And expose your fucking blood type

    I never was
    In anyones conversation
    Had me iching and clawing
    Man I'm too damn impatient

    All of you are ass
    According to my calculations
    So for now peace out
    And salutations Show less
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