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  • 200k dps in Arena - 2v2 3v3 - BM Hunter Burst Patch 6.1

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    Before arena starts:

    1. Unequip all your gear in arena starting room
    2. Summon Pet
    3. Wait 5 sec
    4. Dismiss Pet
    5. Equip normal pvp gear
    6. Unequip & equip PvP proc trinket 20 seconds before arena starts (important!)

    After arena starts:

    7. Summon pet
    8. Start building frenzy stacks
    9. Try to keep steady focus buff up, your pet builds up frenzy stacks 50% faster
    10. Try to keep pet below 35% hp, pet last stand / mend pet / spirit mend if needed
    11. Your PvP proc trinket (+25% hunter and pet dmg) will proc when you have 4 or 5 stacks of frenzy
    12. If you reach 5 stacks before proc, put pet on passive to build up full pet focus bar before burst (or toggle bite autocast off until burst)
    13. Pop Focus Fire (+40% dmg, +30% haste for hunter and pet), Bestial Wrath (+10% hunter dmg, +20% pet dmg), On-Use trinket (10% dmg for hunter and pet) and Blood Fury (if orc)
    14. Pop crows
    15. ???
    16. ???
    17. ???
    18. +18 rating

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