• Staying Inspired to Follow Your Path & Big Changes - Duration: 15 minutes.

    • 5 days ago
    You can find me here:

  • Hooping České Budějovice - Channel

    • 7 videos
    YouTube kanál hooperek týmu "Hooping České Budějovice"
  • Gabriella Ricci - Channel

    • 44 videos
    artist and dancer, hooping down the path of happiness and fulfillment.
    i love trees, my family, and dancing.
    all is Art, all possess beauty.
  • Kitty's Channel Trailer - Duration: 31 seconds.

    • 1 month ago
    A very short clip on what my Youtube Channel is all about. Thanks and peace!

    Find my professional writing on spirituality, the paranormal and more here:

    I'm on instag...
  • Guided chakra meditation - Duration: 40 minutes.

    • 2 months ago
  • Spiritually Homeless : How Chakra Magick Saved Me From Getting Lost In Space... - Duration: 15 minutes.

    • 2 months ago
    READ MORE ABOUT THE ROOT CHAKRA HERE : Seeing Red. Getting Back To Your Roots As A Physical Human Person... http://www.joannadevoe.com/2015/04/seeing-red-getting-bac...
  • Blogging for Patheos! - Duration: 4 minutes, 24 seconds.

    • 2 months ago
    I'll post links to my new blog the second the site is up and running (next week). In the meantime:

    My brand new Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thorn.mooney

  • Meditative Mind - Channel

    • 183 videos
    We are helping to bring more peace and mindfulness in people's lives through Music for Meditation, Chakra Healing and Relaxation.

    Subscribe to our Channel Below

    10.25.2014 - 611 Subscribers

  • Understanding Vibrational Frequencies | Annika Garratt - Duration: 11 minutes.

    • 2 months ago
    Ok, so I'm trying to figure this out. Let me know what you think! Energy is a property of objects which can be transferred to other objects or converted into different forms, but cannot be created ...
  • #NewAgeMusic - Channel

      New-age music is a genre of music intended to create artistic inspiration, relaxation, and optimism. It is used by listeners for yoga, massage, meditation, and reading as a method of stress management
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    • Wake me up * Sillyness - Duration: 95 seconds.

      • 2 months ago
      I freaking love this song. Don't be afraid to close your eyes and know yourself. Don't lose your inner child in the mix of everyone else's expectations and their beliefs towards what you should be....
    • adamabsinthe - Channel

      • 10 videos
      Prince of Brats. Father of Crows. Vampire in Exile.


      • CHANNEL
    • Actualized.org - Channel

      • 207 videos
      Master your psychology. Create an extraordinary life.
      70+ hours of advanced personal development concepts.

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    • Magical Bohemian Mermaid Treasure Haul | Annika Garratt - Duration: 15 minutes.

      • 2 months ago
      Here I share a bunch of stuff I found! The book I mentioned is called Pebbles on the Beach, by Clarence Ellis. The Flower of Life brass pendant I showed you is from http://stores.ebay.co.uk/jezabe...
    • Thoths Temple - Channel

      • 5 videos
      Hopefully a mixture of vlogs on witchcraft/ occultism, music and fashion in the gothic lifestyle and plenty of my crazy tea drinking self
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    • Intuitive tag - Duration: 9 minutes, 29 seconds.

      • 2 months ago
    • Kasimir Kurt - Channel

      • 73 videos
      Intuitive Skype Sessions and Distance Energy Work.
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    • rhoda shapiro - Channel

      • 57 videos
      Book a Skype Session with me (50% OFF for new clients): http://rhodajordan.com/downloads/private-tantra-session/

      Follow this channel for various meditations, health tips, tantric exercises, and yoga
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    • Angel Persephone's Tarostrology - Channel

      • 31 videos
      My name is Angel Persephone Armogida and I'm a Pagan witch and a lover of both Tarot and Astrology. I use them together to produce unique and powerful readings that leave clients feeling inspired and
      • CHANNEL
    • GabrielKundalini - Channel

      • 768 videos
      Welcome! This channel is devoted to spiritual awakening, healing and personal evolution. I discuss a variety of metaphysical concepts from yoga, meditation, emotional healing and kundalini awakening t
      • CHANNEL
    • [2.10] Blanketing Religion - Duration: 9 minutes, 44 seconds.

      • 3 months ago
      When people use "religion" as a blanket term--Have we seen this happening? What can we, or what should we, do about it?

      This week's topic: Caleb Evans - “Religion” as a blanket term
      I have noticed...
    • Canadian Witch - Channel

      • 24 videos
      Merry meet!

      Thank you for visiting my channel. If you resonate with my videos, please subscribe! Check out my website at www.canadianwitch.com if you are interested in taking my Year and a Day progr
      • CHANNEL
    • Gemmagic - Channel

      • 32 videos
      The personal channel of a pagan witch, wife, mum-of-one, music lover, amateur bellydancer, spiritual nomad and healer.
      • CHANNEL
    • Avalon's Spiritual Odyssey - Channel

      • 195 videos
      This channel is all about my SUPER active spiritual odyssey, from a hereditary Brazilian born and raised Witch, to an Australian electric Witch, to a HUGE LOVER and COLLECTOR of TAROT, a Student of Ce
      • CHANNEL
    • Astro Solsin - Channel

      • 111 videos
      I share my experiences and my personal philosophy about the Matrix on this channel. My main goal with this channel is to help others become balanced and break free from the mind control programming in
      • CHANNEL
    • Akasha Wolf - Channel

      • 117 videos
      This channel will help you on your new spiritual path in witchcraft. Witchcraft is not evil, its what ever you practice. It can be a dark craft if you like. It is not your religion its a practice. You
      • CHANNEL
    • Amanda Flaker - Channel

      • 72 videos
      Travel, health, spirituality, art, vegan and raw food recipes, herbal elixirs, sustainable living -- all energy of life available for you here!

      Contributors: Healers, nutritionists, herbalists, chefs
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    • VR: TipToeChick's 2015 - Duration: 3 minutes, 47 seconds.

      • 4 months ago
    • Helen Demetriou - Channel

      • 500 videos
      Dr. Helen Demetriou is a Cyprus based qualified Metaphysical and Complimentary Therapist, Angel Lightworker and the founder of AngelCraft Healing Therapy. Helen uses a combination of science and art
      • CHANNEL
    • Harmony Love - Channel

      • 167 videos
      • CHANNEL
    • Eva'sHouseOfSpirit - Channel

      • 108 videos
      Are you an open-minded spiritual seeker and/or magickal practitioner? Do you enjoy thinking outside the box? Do You accept and respect a wide variety of beliefs, even those that are not your own? Are
      • CHANNEL
    • Sarah Empey - Channel

      • 72 videos
      Little bit of witchy & a little bit of rambling :)
      • CHANNEL
    • Ember HoneyRaven - Channel

      • 132 videos
      I am a Natural Witch who revolves around herbal magic, earth spells, and nature miracles. I don't follow any one path but find myself drawing from bits and pieces of all paths, as they all seem to con
      • CHANNEL
    • WhisperingClover - Channel

      • 3 videos
      • CHANNEL
    • Using Shadow Work to Remove Life Purpose Blocks: A Personal Story - Duration: 8 minutes, 39 seconds.

      • 1 year ago
      Visit me at my website: www.alchemicalshamanism.com
      In this video I share a very personal story about how blocks and fears that are a part of your shadow self can block you from finding and living ...
    • Elena Andromeda - Channel

      • 72 videos
      Hello lovely soul family! My name is Elena, and I am here on youtube to share my wisdom, whatever it may be with all of you. I believe that each of us has our own unique wisdom to share with the world
      • CHANNEL
    • Pyperh2 - Channel

      • 117 videos
      Hi! My name is Krista, and this is my second channel - my first being "Pyperh." On this channel I'll be focusing on my Year and a Day series that I'm conducting with daily videos! Stick around, hang
      • CHANNEL
    • How To Love Yourself - Duration: 6 minutes, 2 seconds.

      • 1 year ago
    • BeFiT - Channel

      • 992 videos
      Get high-quality, free workouts on BeFit! Transform your body and workout with top fitness trainers Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Jane Fonda and more. Slim your waistline, tighten and tone your arm
      • CHANNEL
    • Whackowitch Astrology - Channel

      • 178 videos
      Hi I'm Penny the astrologer, mother, and overall bad ass who talks like a robot. Think of me like Arnold Schwarzenegger (who is a Leo with moon in Capricorn... as am I), only female and maternal...
      • CHANNEL
    • Gypsy Chique - Channel

      • 126 videos
      This is just basically a channel about me. I guess I'm a pantheist. I love all things Tarot. I have fun with my kids. I joke, I rant, I ramble, and post things that I feel are useful to share .. a
      • CHANNEL
    • Lauren Samantha - BohoSoul - Channel

      • 70 videos
      This is my happy place, somewhere where I can share my spiritual experiences and throw some random stuff in there too!
      follow me on twitter and instagram to see my everyday life experiences.
      • CHANNEL
    • GoldDustWoman - Channel

      • 20 videos
      • CHANNEL
    • InspiritChannel - Channel

      • 1 video
      Facebook: Gigi Young
      • CHANNEL
    • Áine Órga - Channel

      • 132 videos
      Sharing my nature-based spiritual practice, and offer Tarot-inspired guidance on spiritual and personal development.

      My website: http://heartstory.org
      • CHANNEL
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