This is my channel. I am an otaku! ;D Lol.
This is my channel. I am an otaku! ;D Lol.

I am a reborn artist. I hope to created lots of beautiful reborns that I can share with you!
I really love The Grudge so maybe I'll make some OOAK grudge babies LOL!
Subscribe and watch my videos; there will be some soon if there aren't any now..hopefully XD (If I find the time xP)
I also love Vocaloids! My favorite is of course Diva Queen Miku! ;D Hehe

I am a dancer! I love to dance! All of the dances I know/am learning is in my 'My Dances' playlist, go ahead and check it out if you want..
I'm very social and kind and I love making friends, everyone is my friend! :)

I play almost every sport..I love to cook,(I'm vegetarian btw) I am an artist in general, I play Sonic =w=, I speak Japanese, I am a very multi-talented person as you can see. ^w^
I'm also a very busy person so I may be on here not too much..but that's ok! :)

Thankyou for stopping by! XD
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