• 【UTAUカバー】ダブルラリアット【月音ナミ Tide+DL】

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    original: agoanikiP ft. megurine luka
    ust: CodyTailor (tuning + small adlibs by me)
    everything else: me! i still don't know how to make interesting videos so it's a basic one
    full version of the old cover for any who want to hear it: https://clyp.it/vckxp32x
    site: https://rennui.wixsite.com/...

    voicebank download: http://bit.ly/2Qyj4ph
    please read the readme! tide is a 3 pitch vcv with whisper/soft alternatives + a few extra sounds, the readme has more detail
    It's called Tide because high and low tides haha get it. it's a name joke ahahahhaahhahahaha ok moving on

    i forgot to mention i used all her past vbs for the harmonies in the last chorus but it’s barely audible AAAAA i uploaded vocals only here if anybody interested in that too https://clyp.it/13lrr0eq

    im putting credits and stuff at the top cus i got a long thing ahead feel free to scroll past that, but keep reading i guess if ur interested in hearing me ramble

    it's the end of the decade and i chose to do an old song because i believe this was the first song i made a cover for, with the first voicebank i ever recorded, so what better than to remake it for new voicebank release! anyways it's been a whole 9 years since i threw nami into the public!!!!! holy heck!!!!!!!! i was an ambitious 12 year old and i wanted to do a lot with her (+ haro later) but due to many things i ended up just kinda lurking around in the utau community instead. despite my youtube upload history i actually never really stopped making covers, i have an entire backlog with stuff dating back to 2012 that i haven't made any videos for X"D oops...
    i recorded a lot of voicebanks for nami but they never saw the light of day because of things like quality inconsistency from constantly changing microphones. i actually recorded like... 4 vcv banks for her (some weren't even finished) before i sat down 6 months ago, june 2019, and decided to do a 3 pitch vcv. i think it's the least i can give her after all these years (meanwhile haro's got 2 public vcvs already even though she was first)
    I think drawing and utau have been the 2 hobbies that i've really clung onto all these years, heck i'm graduating art school next summer which is really wild!!!!!! I found utau maybe in like.. 2008/2009 when i was a wee child on the internets and i didn't start trying out the program until late 2009/2010 and then nami came into existence. there was some kerfuffle with people thinking i stole designs/voicebanks and that is wild to look back on but hey it was a learning experience for me x'd but yeah it's been one heck of a ride... people change and i've gone from overly ambitious child to uhhhhhhhhhhh Very Reclusive adult and i don't.. do a lot to put myself out there anymore which is something i'm trying to work on! i wanna get all my backlog covers out too.. remake the extremely old ones and throw em out there. i really just wanted to give nami a good vcv before 2020 in case.. utau actually gets bricked but thats a whole different thing
    if u read this mess of a ramble thank u i salute u.
    thenks for any and all support these past years and from here on out!!!!!!

    shoutout to mitosis peeps for all the validation in our lil group. also huge shoutout to dandan, lou, hope, and lumu for recording utaus (thanx lumu for remaking urs) and for making cvloid a thing now. we've come a long way... Show less
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