• The famous and fabulous #BilanGardaad I will see you again...

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    Inspired and put together for Bilan Gardaad gone far away.
    This YouTube Chanel is all about my interaction with Bilan Gardaad (https://instagram.com/p/soR...). The purpose is to keep a part of her alive and strong through visual and audio stimuli.
    Now in no means does this mean she endorsed anything here but one thing I learned is music videos can pull emotion from the deepest areas in life.
    Bilan Gardaad was a Muslim and very proud of it. Why wouldn't she? So there is an area that makes YouTube not the best venue to many that knew her. Some will say this is not appropriate to promote things about her. I respect their opinion.
    The reality is I never had an opportunity to grieve about Bilan. As a matter of fact it decimated my entire livelihood as I kept quite and accepted allot of anger over her passing. I slowly learned all the things Bilan taught me was being destroyed. So no more of that.
    If you knew her use the video and audio to retrieve what you was doing when you heard it first time, or what Bilan would do. That is when you will see this page is a gem.
    Some things are not about what you see or hear. Some are about a place in time or maybe the lack of that place. I cant leave notes for each video (that would make the purpose mute) but I can say if you combine everything... even the silly... you will find what I knew about Bilan. (Yes even the "What was that about" videos... because more than likely she would have said the same thing and laughed.)
    For those who never had closure. I cant put up too much because I knew her very closely and to keep respect means I still have to follow what she would want. She was very private. But she told me... (yes told me) When she dies she wants everyone to be happy and she also would share parts of her to all her friends. (We all laughed when we knew what parts) Ahhhh what a nice person... Wasn't she?

    Pray she has safe passage and judged to be in paradise.

    Now... shall we start? (Canadians some video will say its not there when it actually is. Free country hunh?)

    Therapeutic regardless.
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