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  • Ghostly Waltzes For Female Choir, Piano & Orchestra Op.3

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    Four Ghostly Waltzes for Women's Choir, Piano & Orchestra:
    1. Waltzing With Spirits 0:02
    2. Sad Vampires' Waltz 2:49
    3. Boy Loves Ghostly Girl 6:55
    4. Waltzing For Eternity 9:20

    Step into the realm of the supernatural and waltz with spirits. Four waltzes with a decidedly ghostly atmosphere:

    0:01 I Waltzing With Spirits
    A sumptuous ballroom. Humans whirl arm-in-arm to the strains of a ghostly waltz. A clarinet plays the spectral theme at 0:13. An English Horn takes over with a new theme at 0:45 as unbeknown to the dancers the music has summoned spirits from the beyond who join in the festivities. Humans and spirits swirl and spin side by side as both themes are combined at 1:40

    2:49 II Vampires' Waltz
    A 9th century bell tower and church sit atop a desolate plateau overlooking the steppes of Anatolia, where the Silk Road winds its way from the Orient to Europe.
    Undead women of the night Diabulus, Alquimia and their mistress, Felina have inhabited this long-forgotten citadel for four-hundred years. The sun has set; it is twilight.

    In their animal form, they hover in the bell tower watching men as they make their way back to families they have left behind for months or years treading the wind-worn Road in pursuit of fame, fortune and worldly delights.

    ( 2:50 ) As the bell peals, signaling approaching night, Felina emits a Siren's melody ( 3:18 ) that lures men traveling the road whose hearts are darkened by their intense attraction to pleasures of the flesh.

    This time three merchants, weary from walking, break from the caravan and follow Felina's enchanted refrain up the path to the church. Felina, Aquimia and Diabulous assume their human form and greet the exhausted travelers at the large Gothic doors of the entry. Felina offers the men a sumptuous meal to help sustain them on their long journey homeward which they readily accept. Generous amounts of wine are also served.

    ( 4:26 ) A melancholy waltz drifts softly into the giant nave. The half-drunken merchants, their vitality restored, stumble out onto its marble floor and beckon Felina, Diablus and Alquimia to dance with them. The women coyly acquiesce, knowing only too well the inevitable outcome.

    ( 4:50 ) As the music builds in intensity lust gradually overtakes the men and they begin to molest the three women.

    ( 4:58 ) The die is cast. The coy behavior evaporates.

    ( 5:07 ) The women turn on the men, eyes aglow with blazing fury. As their fangs grow, the men's eyes go wide with horror. They bolt for the entry but, with a wave of Felina's arm, the heavy oak doors slam shut and lock, trapping their hapless victims.

    Felina, Diabulus and Alquimia unleash a demonic wrath the men have never before encountered. Before they know it the women are upon them, ripping and tearing at their throats in a burst of savage ferocity.

    ( 5:34 ) The violence abruptly ceases. All is still. Three bodies lie at the women's feet, warm red life oozing from their necks.

    ( 5:39 ) Felina hums her sad melody one last time, with Diabulus and Alquimia joining her in harmony.

    ( 6:07 ) As the bell heralds the approaching dawn all three women glance upward at the bell tower. Diabulus, and Alquimia turn to Felina, who nods with an approving smile. They then silently turn and make their way to a graveyard at the back of the church.

    ( 6:23 ) As the women settle into sepulchers, their eyes glaze and then slowly close. They fall into a deep slumber, awaiting the bell's peal which will awaken them to the next twilight.....and another feast of blood.

    6:50 III Boy Loves Ghostly Girl
    Boy falls in love with the ghost of a girl.

    9:17 IV Ghostly Castle Ballroom
    A decaying castle with its ballroom draped in dust, tattered window coverings and worn antique furniture. A bell tolls the midnight hour. Dark rhythms stir the spirits from their slumber and beckon them to the ballroom. They glide down the staircase, pair, and begin to move around the great room, swirling to the strains of a melancholy valse triste. Two separate themes are presented by the piano, the first at 9:47 and the second at 10:16. The two themes are then combined at 11:10 .

    Dawn's first rays peek just above the horizon. Shards of sunlight steal through the torn drapes and creep across the ballroom floor. As lingering strains of the waltz ebb the specters bow to their partners and then fade, awaiting the next stroke of midnight when dark rhythms will once again summon them from their eternal abode.

    Piano score for this waltz at: http://www.scribd.com/doc/1...... Show less
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