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Passphrases - How To Have Safe Passwords!

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If a hacker gets your password, they have the key to steal your identity. Before you type in your password online, think: "Is my password secure?" Consider these statistics:

--8-character passwords can be cracked in less than two hours.
--10-character passwords can be cracked in a matter of days.
--12-character passwords may take years to break.

In addition to using at least a 12-character password, there are a number of simple things that you can do to protect yourself and strengthen your password.

--Never write your password down.
--Never share your password with anyone
--Create a different password for each account.
--Use a password vault to secure all your passwords (see Password Vaults below).
--Avoid using personal information such as names of people or pets, birthdays, or telephone numbers.
--Create a passphrase (see Use a Passphrase below for examples).
----Use misspelled words.
----Use a mixture of upper and lowercase letters.
----Use numbers in positions other than the first or last character.
----Use punctuation marks or symbols (!, #, %, $) independently or as a replacement for a letter.

Use a Passphrase

Passphrases are an easy way to create strong passwords that are easy to remember. For example, you can string together three unrelated words, like roof-panda-pear. Or, think of a 12 or more word phrase and take the first letter of each word to make a password (e.g. Don't be a feather in the wind, take ownership of your life, dbafitwtooyl).

Use a Password Vault

To manage multiple passwords, consider using a free encrypted password vault such as KeePass, LastPass or OnePassword to keep your passwords secure. Visit the product websites, listed below, for additional information regarding these products.


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We hope you find this information valuable. Please share it so others will learn how to have safe passphrases too.

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Produced By: Jake Weber
Actor and Voice Actor: Ben Peters

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