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    FREE AT LAST! Yet another Ivynsteez Media full length video. Its been a hell of a ride as far as skateboarding and uploading skate videos are concerned, but a great ride nonetheless. Its been a long road and alot of us are getting older and older as we keep traveling and I believe I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this is going to be me (ivyn) and lionel's last part we ever throw out. Sure we'll do clips here and there but the main reason for this is to pass on the torch to the younger generations. These kids nowadays with the skate park we helped create for them are getting better and better and yes I did call it. I said before this park opened up that it would produce some really good skateboarders and help them progress at a rate that we couldn't back in the day. We had no parks when we were younger nor did we have older people to take us on rides to go to spot to spot. we had to find shit on our own or build them ourselves. But yes, this is it for us. This was by far one of the best video's i had ever made as a whole and had the pleasure of working with some really good people and creating this masterpiece i call FREE AT LAST. Love it or hate it your opinion is your opinion I for one think that this is great along with the cast and it will remain on the internet for as long as the internet lives (most likely longer than me). Remember to have fun and to always strive for the best.


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