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    This series of videos are a resource provided by the timely documentary movie "The Immigration Paradox".

    They can be used wherever a balanced conversation regarding immigration is needed; classrooms, churches, public forums, town halls, universities, colleges, etc.

    Possibly one of the most important films of the Century.

    This series of conversation starters will help leaders and community members have in-depth conversations regarding immigration reform in the U.S. and what it means to various people directly and indirectly affected by any laws passed. The interviews and information presented here are excerpts from the feature length documentary film The Immigration Paradox as well as additional content that was excluded from the Theatrical version.

    THE IMMIGRATION PARADOX takes a critical and in depth look at one of the most divisive issues in human global history--immigration. After encountering an immigrant crossing the Arizona desert, Emmy Award Winner and Filmmaker Lourdes Lee Vasquez set out to understand why people would risk their lives to come to the U.S.. Her quest takes a shocking twist when she musters enough courage to cross the line at a protest and has an encounter with whom she believed was her enemy.

    From there on her journey, spanning 7 years searching for answers and solutions to this complex social issue, takes her and the audience to places never before considered in the immigration debate. THE IMMIGRATION PARADOX is a feature length documentary that exposes the missing information to the immigration issue by interviewing an array of people from various backgrounds, which include economics, sociology, philosophy, history, policy, and activism. This documentary will move you beyond the villain or victim scenario, the heated rhetoric and sensationalism to reveal the bigger picture.

    No matter what your viewpoints or beliefs are regarding this deeply emotional issue; the information exposed in THE IMMIGRATION PARADOX will surely leave you shocked.

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    Adam Gross - Really great! Thanks for working to tackle an issue in a way that I can't imagine most people have even begun to consider. I think this is on the list of must see documentaries!

    Bryan Parsons - You all should be very proud. We enjoyed the movie very much. I want to see it again because I am sure that I didn't come close to digesting all of it. We are very happy for you and feel somehow less alone today after seeing it. I hope it goes far, people should see this, sit with it, and talk about it.

    Ruben Hernandez - After viewing The Immigration Paradox by local filmmakers Lourdes Lee Vasquez and Bryan Vasquez, my frame of perception on what is going on in the U.S. and the world politically and economically has radically changed. A masterpiece of education and history about the real people who benefit richly from undocumented immigration. As mind altering as the hard hitting filim, An Inconvenient Truth.
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