Love and Peace, Family and Friends.
Love and Peace, Family and Friends.

Shalom.  Namaste.  Salaam.

It is with tremendous humility and Happiness that we announce the official commencement of the InterFaith Film Festival 2011CE.  You can now view this year's selections through our YouTube channel:  www.youtube.com/ifff2011ce. 


Here is some guidance for navigating the IFFF 2011CE channel on Youtube:

1.  You can access the InterFaith Settlement 2011CE channel at www.youtube.com/ifff2011ce 

2.  Towards the right of the screen, there is a column listing 76 thumbnails (photographic icons):  one thumbnail for each of all the 76 short film contributions that are being presented through the IFFF 2011CE;  you can scroll down to see each thumbnail for the first 60 short film contributions, and click the "load more" icon (towards the bottom of the thumbnails) to view each remaining thumbnail for the 16 remaining short film contributions.

3.  You can click on the thumbnail of a short film contribution and that brings up a screen with the self-description of that short film contribution;  you can click the "more info" icon to read the entirety of the self-description (with any applicable warnings and additional information at the bottom), and/or you can click the thumbnail of the short film contribution (again) to begin viewing the short film contribution;  some short film contributions have multiple segments, which are also listed and can be accessed after initially clicking the thumbnail for such a short film contribution.

4.  Below the video box where the short film contribution is viewed, you can find the title of the short film contribution (in blue text), and clicking on that link takes you to the YouTube public screen (with the corresponding public comments and links) for that short film contibution;  below the title (and also in blue text) is the link to the YouTube user account, where you may be able to find additional uploads provided by that filmmaker and/or organisation;  (disclaimer:  we at the InterFaith Settlement abstain from screening public comments and additional content outside of our immediate channel on YouTube).

5.  You can also post comments on the general IFFF 2011CE YouTube channel and/or on the specific public YouTube screen for any short film contribution.


The self-descriptions for each short film contribution are unformatted and, admittedly, may be difficult to read.  We are attaching with this email correspondence an official programme for the IFFF 2011CE that lists all 76 short film contributions and the respective, formatted, self-description (and direct link) for each.  At the bottom of this official programme, there is also guidance in how to navigate through our YouTube channel.


We also encourage you to visit similar projects being organised through the internet, including Pangea Day (www.pangeaday.org) and Campfire InterFaith Film Festival (www.campfire.org.au).


We intend to make the InterFaith Film Festival an annual event, and thus we are planning to begin formally organising the efforts for IFFF 2012CE during this Northern Autumn.  We invite you to more directly participate and/or contribute to this endeavour.  If this interests you and/or you would like additional information about the InterFaith Film Festival in general, you can contact us at, ifff2012ce@gmail.com.  


May we all enjoy, learn, and build together from respectfully viewing, listening to, and presenting each other's stories.

Love and Peace,

Peter, with the
InterFaith Film Festival
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