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  • FF7 - One Winged Angel - Acoustic Cover

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    Freya's Theme here :

    Version without vocals :

    If you want any file (guitars apart for example), please send me your email.
    Composer : Nobuo Uematsu
    Guitars and vocals : Headminerve
    Arrangements : Headminerve

    #1 Criminal Cosplayed Cover

    I have the project to make covers on youtube, cosplayed, and criminal... "CCCovers" is the account I will create soon ! :)

    This cover is a try, I made it in 3-4 hours yesterday, and I respected some rules :
    - no partition, ears only (and it's enough)
    - my guitar and my voice only
    - less than 6 hours to record all
    - guitars are one-shots (I play all the piece in a row till it's good enough to my ears)

    The last rule should be to play one part live, filmed with a webcam. Unfortunately I have no webcam yet. maybe I'll use my cellphone for the next one. More details in my account to come.

    For this one, I must admit I had much trouble to sing, it was very late and a 5 y-old girl sleeping in the next room... :p There are some mistakes but I like it anyway.

    1- Intro (I edit when I have time to) :
    Em dim : 078900
    Em : XXX980
    C omit5 : X3X550
    (The break is random chords playing XD)

    2- Pre-chorus :
    Dm : X57765
    Cm : X35543
    A : 577655
    Ab : 466544
    Dm : 10 12 12 10 10 10
    Ebm : X68876
    F : 587565
    B : 79987 11

    3- Chorus :
    Dmadd9/11# : XX6754
    A#m : 688666

    4- Bridge :
    Bbm : X13321
    * Voices may be played with the guitar, an example :
    Bbmadd9/11# : X12310
    Bbm13- : X10322

    5- Main Theme :
    Em : 022000
    B7 : X2X202
    C7 : X32310

    the rest coming soon (damn chords are easy lol) Moins
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