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  • The Dinner Dates Difference!

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    YouTube calls for a "channel trailer" now: Something to serve as a sort of introduction to the channel, and to convince people to blindly subscribe to you. This is what we came up with.

    We are a video game video channel with a soft spot for bad games with novel concepts. As such, we do our best to approach terrible games with a critical eye; pointing out the good, explaining the bad, and laughing heartily at the ugly.

    We make a conscious effort to avoid offensive / derogatory humor, which we feel a lot of popular gaming channels use as a sort of crutch. Any tasteless jerk can make awful jokes about rape or spew racist / sexist / phobic garbage: We wanna make videos for people of all races, genders, and orientations -- without making jokes at their expense.

    We make all-inclusive video game comedy videos. "We're What's For Dinner."

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