• Matthew Silver - Channel

    • 204 videos
    My role as a clown, trickster and village idiot is to parody excessive seriousness by playing with taboos, rules, and social norms. My inspiration comes from my heart. I perform for smiles and laugh
  • #FolkMusic - Channel

      Folk music includes both traditional music and the genre that evolved from it during the 20th century folk revival. The term originated in the 19th century but is often applied to music that is older
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    • FALLOUT 4: Enabling Modding for PC - Duration: 2 minutes, 40 seconds.

      • 2 weeks ago
      A guide to setting up your PC version of Fallout 4 for modding. This does not show you how to install mods, but rather set your game up ready for mods to be installed. These edits are required for ...
    • Bokeh - Channel

      • 37 videos
      Extra content from the makers of the most-subscribed photography show on the interweb - behind the scenes, outtakes, quick tips and a load of random photography-related stuff!
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    • ESF Basics (Tips and Overview) - PlanetSide 2 - Duration: 8 minutes, 58 seconds.

      • 9 months ago
      Today we're offering up some advice for players new to flying, or maybe just those interested in upping their chances in an ESF. Be sure to expand the video description for more useful information....
    • FALLOUT 4: 3X More Music Than FO3, Soundtrack Sneak Peek, & Original Music! - Duration: 3 minutes, 34 seconds.

      • 3 weeks ago
      Three times more music?! Beast mode!
      Previous Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHr3Cod3sVw

      Article: https://bethesda.net/#en/events/game/facing-the-music-in-...

      Sugar Bo...
    • Film Riot - Channel

      • 654 videos
      Film Riot is a how-to trip through filmmaking from the hyper-active mind of Ryan Connolly. From how to make great effects to following Triune Films through production, Film Riot explores the art of fi
      • CHANNEL
    • Dave Dugdale - Channel

      • 446 videos
      I'm constantly learning how to shoot better video with my new mirrorless cameras (GH4 and a7S). Come along with me as I learn.

      Please check out my site since I usually put more information on there t
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    • Restoring Unlinked/Deleted Audio (Premiere Pro) - Duration: 2 minutes, 24 seconds.

      • 3 years ago
      In this quick tutorial, I will be demonstrating the method for restoring audio which has been unlinked and deleted in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5.
    • Showtime Premiere : Twin Peaks serie trailer SEASON 3 - Duration: 64 seconds.

      • 3 months ago
      Music link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1G9vxT3moQ

      Yes, it's a fan made. No, it's not showtime's channel. Congratulation !
    • Cinematic Lighting using the Sun & Reflector - Duration: 7 minutes, 21 seconds.

      • 9 months ago
    • Anamorphic Lens Look - CineMorph Filters - Duration: 12 minutes.

      • 1 year ago
      More info here: http://tomantosfilms.com/3922/anamorphic/

      Everyone wants that "FILM LOOK" in their videos. The best way to get it is to replicate what anamorphic lenses do. Either by using anamorp...
    • GH4 & Sony A7s Ultimate Camera Rig - Duration: 18 minutes.

      • 1 year ago
      Links for all the gear are here: http://tomantosfilms.com/4596/ultimatecamerarig/
      CAME-TV DSLR rig on eBay http://ebay.to/1pThGGF

      CAME-TV DSLR rig on the company’s website

    • Tom Antos - Channel

      • 254 videos
      Films & tutorials by Tom Antos

      I am a film director and cinematographer with over twelve years of experience in VFX & animation.
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    • DigitalRev TV - Channel

      • 645 videos
      The most subscribed and viewed photography show on the interweb, presented by an asian dude with British accent.
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    • The Director’s Chair - Channel

        The Director’s Chair
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      • Christopher Frost Photography - Channel

        • 227 videos
        My name is Christopher Frost, I was an English teacher in the Republic of Korea, and now I live in Cardiff where I'm training to become a vicar in the Church in Wales. I make bits of films from time t
        • CHANNEL
      • Kevin Spacey Explains Who Frank Underwood Is Talking To - Duration: 100 seconds.

        • 2 months ago
        Whenever Frank Underwood speaks directly to camera, who does Kevin Spacey imagine he's talking to? Spoiler: It's another presidential contender. Presented by New York Life

        Subscribe To "The Late S...
      • How to achieve a Film Look - DSLR film making - Duration: 11 minutes.

        • 1 year ago
        See more of my work at my website: http://www.jakecoppinger.com - Australian Year 12 student.
        A tutorial for beginning filmmakers to create a cinematic look with your footage for low budget film ma...
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      • Tony Northrup - Channel

        • 376 videos
        Subscribe now for free:
        * Photography tips and tutorials
        * Camera and lens reviews
        * Photoshop and Lightroom tips
        * Weekly photography news and photo reviews
        * Weekly LIVE shows you can join
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      • BEST Lenses for DSLR Video! - Duration: 10 minutes.

        • 11 months ago
        Are you an aspiring DSLR filmmaker? Check out the FroKnowsPhoto Guide to DSLR Video! http://froknowsphoto.com/dslr-video-guide/

        In this video I discuss what I feel are the best lenses for DSLR Vid...
      • TESRSkywindOfficial - Channel

        • 32 videos
        Welcome to Skywind, a fan-made modification that seeks to bring the world of Morrowind into the Skyrim engine. I am SquallyDaBeanz, one of the lead designers and landscapers for the project. This is T
        • CHANNEL
      • Lynda.com - Channel

        • 10,557 videos
        The Lynda.com channel features 10 percent of our course content, available for all to watch. With a Lynda.com subscription, members receive unlimited access to our complete library of high quality, cu
        • CHANNEL
      • How To Start A YouTube Channel | D4Darious - Duration: 9 minutes, 18 seconds.

        • 4 months ago
        Part 1 of our series on Youtube. We cover tips and advice to get you going with your own channel.

        0:24 Value
        1:37 Study other channels
        3:11 Branding
        4:20 Personality
        5:15 Short and Sweet
      • Learning Camera Lenses - DSLR Filmmaking - 10 Videos You Should - Duration: 8 minutes, 41 seconds.

        • 10 months ago
        10 videos for beginners that cover focal length, depth of field, Zoom vs prime lenses, Uv filters, Neutral Density filters, lens hoods and more.

        TWITTER - https://twit...
      • Low Budget Filmmaking Tips And Advice - Duration: 10 minutes.

        • 1 year ago
        Whether you have a low budget or no budget at all, here are a few tips for all phases of filmmaking including, writing, pre-production, production and post production. When working on a low budget...
      • Top 15 Mistakes Beginner Filmmakers Make - Duration: 17 minutes.

        • 10 months ago
        Tips for beginner filmmakers. We cover the top 15 most common filmmaking mistakes beginners make from story, to lighting to editing, composition and more.

        Seafood Tester short: http://youtu.be/Rn5...
      • D4Darious - Channel

        • 79 videos
        Filmmaking, Screenwriting and Directing tips
        Short film reviews
        • CHANNEL
      • Mass Effect Andromeda Timeline Leak And The ARK, ARKCON Theory - Duration: 6 minutes, 52 seconds.

        • 3 months ago
        Mass Effect Andromeda News / Mass Effect Andromeda Timeline Leak And The ARK Theory

        We review a possible timeline reveal or timeline leak for Mass Effect Andromeda, Bioware/EA's new game to be rel...
      • Thomas Pridgen - Applying Rudiments To The Drum-Set (FULL DRUM LESSON) - Duration: 1 hour, 28 minutes.

        • 1 year ago
        Get a free 30-day trial to Drumeo Edge:
        - http://Drumeo.com/trial

        It was an honour for Drumeo to welcome Thomas Pridgen to our studio to record a lesson on Applying Rudiments To The Drum-Set. Tho...
      • Drumeo - Channel

        • 644 videos
        The world's largest collection of free drum lesson videos!
        • CHANNEL
      • Stephen Taylor - Channel

        • 355 videos
        New drum videos and lessons posted every Sunday, Monday, & Wednesday. Monday's video is me answering your questions, so ask away! Maybe you'll see your question in one of the videos.

        Stephen Taylor r
        • CHANNEL
      • Taking a look at: Cities Skylines - Duration: 39 minutes.

        • 8 months ago
        Oh the poop water.

        Check out Megascorcher.com for more vidoes and to watch the FULL streams LIVE

        megascorcher.com is a site discussing many a things, but mainly alot of geeky/nerdy stuff, such as...
      • megascorcher .com - Channel

        • 475 videos
        This is where all the videos from our site are stored. So check out megascorcher.com bitches, we have live weekly podcasts and stuff here and there.

        Saturdays - Sprawl & Brawl @ Midnight ET
        Sundays -
        • CHANNEL
      • If E3 were 100% honest With Us... - Duration: 4 minutes, 54 seconds.

        • 5 months ago
        No, we didn't steal this from the 4chan thread... SHUT UP.

        Leave a like, a comment, and SUBSCRIBE. We will bring you another vid next week!

        for t-shirt info, email us at:
      • belthazor3457 - Channel

        • 471 videos
        I mainly make two types of videos: I make video game reviews / tutorials / guides, etc. Mostly related to FPS games such as Planetside 2 or Battlefield; and I make political videos related to world ev
        • CHANNEL
      • FALLOUT 4: The Graphics Debate - Are They Good Or Bad? - Duration: 4 minutes.

        • 5 months ago
        I have no clue why this matters to so many gamers, but it's worth discussing because the fanbase is concerned.
        Previous Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwG0CVRkgU0

        Stream: http://www.twitch...
      • Fallout 4 Reveal Trailer - IN DEPTH ANALYSIS! - Duration: 16 minutes.

        • 5 months ago
        After hours of research and dissecting, my full reveal is HERE!
        Previous Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMHN5iHQ11U

        Vault's Twitter: https://twitter.com/VaultOfDaedalus

        Stream: http://www...
      • Energyone - Channel

        • 399 videos
        Energyone - A disabled gamer who has turned to Youtube to keep himself distracted and busy with the games he has access to, while trying to stay entertaining and informative.

        I also do voice acting,
        • CHANNEL
      • Thoughty2 - Channel

        • 183 videos
        Thoughty2 (Arran) is a British YouTuber and gatekeeper of useless facts. Thoughty2 creates mind-blowing factual videos, on the weirdest, wackiest and most interesting topics. Combining fascinating lis
        • CHANNEL
      • TheBackyardScientist - Channel

        • 83 videos
        Aloha YouTubers, I am The Backyard Scientist!

        I like to make videos on all the crazy stuff I do. From exploding arrows, to making instruments, molten aluminum to science/chemistry experiments I do it
        • CHANNEL
      • ReviewTechUSA - Channel

        • 1,697 videos
        Classic and Modern game/tech reviews.
        • CHANNEL
      • JMSN - Alone - Duration: 4 minutes, 56 seconds.

        • 4 years ago
        Physical [CD, Vinyl, Digital]: shop.iamjmsn.com/
        iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/priscilla/id945937037

        Video explanation: http://iamjmsn.tumblr.com/post/11892393000/alone-video-so......
      • JMSN - Fallin' - Duration: 5 minutes, 19 seconds.

        • 2 years ago
        Physical [CD, Vinyl, Digital]: shop.iamjmsn.com/
        iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/priscilla/id945937037

        Video Explanation: http://iamjmsn.tumblr.com/post/37350514841/fallin-video-e......
      • JMSN - The One - Duration: 6 minutes, 21 seconds.

        • 1 year ago
        Physical [CD, Vinyl, Digital]: shop.iamjmsn.com/
        iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/pllaje/id945749012

        The One -
        Written, Produced & Mixed by JMSN
        From '†Pllajë†' (White Room Records)

      • MrMattyPlays - Channel

        • 1,148 videos
        Lover of everything Bethesda Game Studios aka Fallout & Elder Scrolls. Also creating content for DICE's Star Wars: Battlefront & 2K's Mafia 3! If you're looking for walkthroughs, guides, tips/tricks,
        • CHANNEL
      • Wrel - Channel

        • 526 videos
        Hey there, folks. I put together interesting, helpful, and/or entertaining content on PlanetSide 2, as well as share more philosophical commentaries on the way games affect our lives. Fun times to be
        • CHANNEL
      • BC Beat | SPRING 2014 - Sonya Tayeh - Duration: 4 minutes, 32 seconds.

        • 1 year ago

        Choreographer | Sonya Tayeh
        Performers | Fredric Odgaard, Allison Ulrich

        BC Beat TEAM
        creative director JENNIFER JANCUSKA

        stage manager EMILY HAYES
        lights STEVE...
      • CrypticPowerGamingHD - Channel

        • 65 videos
        Welcome to Cryptic Power gaming in HD.

        My channel is mainly focused on FPS (first person shooter) games but every now and again I like to play and try something different.
        I want to give the best en
        • CHANNEL
      • Matimi0 - Channel

        • 1,499 videos
        Tutorials and guides for all your favorite FPS. Discussions on all things gaming.
        • CHANNEL
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