• Cyst Lancing (fixed sound!) WARNING - Kinda Gross

    612,246 views 2 years ago
    Ok, first - for the people commenting "I can't see anything", "This sucks", etc... this was a minimal incision technique. I didn't want to intrude on the doctors space, and was fortunate enough that he let me record it at all. If you want to see up-close gross stuff, there are plenty linked off on the right side over there, where I'm sure you'll get a better fix of the YUCK factor. And YES, I am fully aware that I was chawing away on that nicotine gum like a freak. That said...
    This thing's been with me for a long time. It was infected in December 2005, and removed, but not completely.
    Since then, it regrew, and within the week before this removal, it got infected again.
    I recorded this primarily for archival/vid-journal purposes.
    if you're looking for gore, you won't find it here, move on. ;) Show less
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