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  • I don't know if it was this video or not, but you had recommended reading "We Hold These Truths" by Richard Cook. I picked up a copy online and I want to thank you fro recommending it. It's mind-blowing. Even better than Web of Debt and the Lost Science of Money. Very well thought out. I had never considered the national dividend before. I think it would work as well or better than the government spending money into existence on infrastructure and services. Very interesting stuff.

    Re: TheModernMystic debate on MMT - Duration: 10:03.

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  • Good song, good singing, very original... what more needs to be said. Bravo!

    Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury - Rachel Bloom - Duration: 2:41.

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  • Hi Guys,

    Have you already talked about price stability? (point me to right video).

    I think that in addition to the the reforms that you are proposing, we should look at ending the free floating currency and tie the dollar to a large basket of commodities and housing. The IMF and others have used currency speculation as a weapon in the past and the US may very well be a target soon. Economics is a major tool used in subjugating the masses.

    Coffee with Joe 8-17-10; PMR 100% Reserves and the Consumer - Duration: 9:54.

    • 4 years ago
    Further detail about the document from 1939, "A Program for Monetary Reform" (aka PMR). In this installment, Pete and Joe discuss how Full-Resertve banking (100% reserves) would effect the consume...
  • Thanks Joe. Now that I've seen the original video, this one makes much more sense. I have to agree with most of what he's saying. I don't think there is a written statement/agreement between the monopolists. I DO think this is mainly about greed and hubris. There are groups like PNAC that have written about a one world rule/economy. Groups of influential rich people will do what they think helps them stay in power. They only hear about the pain they are causing so they don't really understand.

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    OK, it's not a conspiracy..... it's just a privileged cabal of the bankers.
  • @Sally- "Unions were needed at one time, but no longer. They are breaking the banks in states".

    That's NOT what is "breaking the banks". Unions built the middle class in this country...... along with the 40hour work week, overtime pay, safety standards and the ending of child labor. You want to give those things up? Who else is standing up for the average worker? It's amazing to watch people complain about an auto workers wage when Wall Street strips trillions from our country (i.e. YOU!)

    Passionate Michigan Governor Candidate Bernero OWNS Fox News Anchor - Duration: 4:54.

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    Independent News Blog - http://www.ActivistPost.com - Former Lansing Mayor and current Democratic candidate for Governor of Michigan Virg Bernero in a flaskback video where he owns Fox News anchor ...
  • Ultimately, though fractional reserve lending is a bad thing creating a never ending need for growth. We can never pay off the national debt without bankrupting the country. Trouble is we've hit the debt saturation point and we can either crash OR move the FED under the Treasury and spend money into existence, ending fractional reserve lending for banks. By tying the currency to a form of the CPI, the FED can actually do it's job (for the first time) and target zero inflation forevermore.

    Bank of Florida - Duration: 3:41.

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    Create a state-owned bank, The Bank of the State of Florida (BSF). Visit http://www.khavariforgovernor.com to learn more about the Bank of Florida
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    As a nonscientist, it's daunting for me to work thru the huge volume of information on global climate change.
  • Debunking Lord Monckton Part 2 - Duration: 9:51.

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    A character that seems to leap right out of a Monte Python skit, Lord Monckton is the darling of those who wi...
  • Break Up Big Banks - Duration: 11:48.

    • 4 years ago
    Sen. Sanders went to the Senate floor to talk about breaking up "Too Big To Fail" financial institutions.
  • Why do people laugh at creationists? (part 29) - Duration: 10:45.

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    Why do people laugh at creationists (WDPLAC) is a serie...
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    This is a mirror of the Bloomberg report talking about our site.
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