TGC Members:
TGC Members:

Leader- Godly_MP40_Dude- Adam Arritola
Co-Leader- Godly_MP4O_Dude- Jacob Pared
General- Godly_AK47_Dude- Alec A.
Captain- Godly_4K47_Dude- Alex S.
Lieutenant- Godly_BAR_Dude- Johnny G.
Co-Lieutenant- Godly_B4R_Dude- Joey A.

Girl Division:
Leader- Adams_GirlFriend- Macy B.
General- Godly_MP40_Girl- Amanda F.
Co-General- Godly_MP4O_Girl- Trisha R.
Captain- Godly_BAR_Girl- Ashley R.
Co-Captain- Godly_B4R_Girl- Katrina G.
Lieutenant- Godly_Type100- Steph Z.
Co-Lieutenant- Godly_Type99- Ashley F.

YT COD4 Warriors - Formed 11/09/2008
Leader- Godly_MP5_Dude
Co-Leader- Godly_MP44_Dude
General- Godly_M16_Dude
Co-General- Godly_RPD_Dude
Captain- Godly_M21_Dude
Co-Captain- Im_Too_Godly
Lieutenant- Im_To_Godly
Co-Lieutenant- Im_2_Godly
Sergeant- mI_ooT_yldoG
Co-Sergeant- mI_oT_yldoG
2nd Co-Sergeant- mI_2_yldoG
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