hi my last channel was pokeman29 now it is time to move on to gears of gaming
hi my last channel was pokeman29 now it is time to move on to gears of gaming

x box 360 live gamertag :IxTDxYungGunxI
also i will be on live from Monday threw Thursday 3:45 - 10:00 or if i am gon it will be randome

friday threw Saturday 10:00 am - 8:00 am

Sunday when ever i wake up - 7-30 

games for x box 
*gears of war 
*gears of war 2
*resident evil 5 
*sega super star tennis (p.s it came with 360)  

LEFT FOR DEAD (p.s ha ha yayay)
LEFT 4 DEAD 2      

mirrors edge 

dead space 
 * nba 2k 7
*blue dragon
also i don't have halo 3 it seas i d on compare games but i don't have it ok


my new website: http://gearsofgaming1331.webs.com/

my gole's

1,000 chanell view's 
10,000 chanell view's
100,000 chanell view's
1,000,000 chanell view's

10 subscriber's met in march 24 2010 9 :14
100 subscriber's 
1,000 subscriber's
10,000 subscriber's

ok i have ben the gen's thay suck relly bad  and i have been in NBK and they were cool untl people like fucking lights out fucking ruin it and then has all theses fucking kids try to make fun of me and i dont care for one i dot even know lights out all i know he like's to talk bull shit at random and and listen to justen beber and for one when i was in the clan it sounded like every body told me that lights out was annoying even e4or told me and i muted him because of his voice and sodmg NBK was annoying but he don't talk shit so he is OK i guise but there are alot of annoying  people every where and but NBK was cool i liked it but i left to start my own and i don't hate nbk so ya and if lights out seas this stop sending your ass buddies to make fun of me but i guise there are haters every where and it is there job so what ever
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