I like to watch/play/make GoW videos.

I like to watch/play/make GoW videos.

What does my name mean?  Well it means 'Chosen One'.

I record with a HD PVR.

Programs I use are Sony Vegas 11.

What/who inspired me to make Gears of War videos?  Well what inspired me was montages and who, that would be Iceman.  

Yes I know I'm a Iceman fanboy so no need to tell me :P

What are my GT's?  I have two GT's.  The names are 'Ftxey Aw' and 'i am homy'
Ftxey Aw (Primary)
i am homy (Secondary)

Do you have any other systems?  Yes, I have a PC which I play CoD on sometimes and a PS3 and i play story based games on.
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