• Held Hostage | Chapter Five | Justlena (Season Two)

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    Selena had woke up to the banging feeling of pain in her head. She let her eyes adjust to her surroundings. Once they did, she knew exactly where she was. She was in the other room. To be specific, Ryan's room.

    She tried to sit up, but she struggled. She tried again to notice she tied to the bed. She gasped in frustration.

    "Ryan! Get me the fuck out of here!" She spat. She looked to her right, and didnt see a Ryan. She looked to her left, Still didnt still him. She pushed her eyebrows in confusion. Her eyes then went wide.

    'Wheres Justin?!' She thought. The last time she saw him was in the other room before getting dragged out by that piece of shit named Ryan. She breathed in deeply, and then exhaled. She started to panic. She was so worried. Where could he be?! No. The more important question is, "Is Ryan hurting him?!" She closed her eyes to calm down.

    Her eyes suddenly opened once she heard the door open. She saw Ryan dragging Justin in the room. He sat him on the chair in front of the bed, Justin groaning in pain.

    "Damn, arent you fucking heavy?" Ryan said, tieing Justin to the chair. Justin just moaned out from the pain.

    Once Ryan finished he smirked. They have no idea whats coming towards them.

    "You fucking bastard! You better not touch him!" Selena defended the helpless Justin. Even though she was pretty much helpless also, she still tried.

    Ryan just laughed. "What are you gonna do?," He then started taking his belt off walking towards the bed. ", Justin you might wanna watch this." He then fully got his belt off and hit Selena with it. She cried in pain.

    Her screams made Justin fully come to reality. He lifted his head still groaning in every movement, His vision was blurred but it then cleared, He finally saw the horrific sight of Ryan beating Selena non-constant with his belt. His eyes widened in anger and hurt.

    "FUCK OFF RYAN! LEAVE HER ALONE!" He shouted with all his will. He was still weak, considering Ryan had beat him with a bat.

    He had struggled to get out of the ropes, but then laughed. He was in a chair again? Has Ryan learned nothing. He slowly got up, trying to block out Selena's painful screams. He examined the room, searching if there was a weapon Ryan could use against him. He smirked. There wasn't. He took a deep breath, his heart in pain for Selena.

    He backed up and crashed the chair into a wall, like a pro. Ryan was an idiot. He had gotten out of a chair now three times. He was thankful Ryan was an idiot though.

    Once he hit the wall the chair broke and the rope went loose and he slipped his hands out of it. He was now free. But also when he hit the wall, Ryan had stopped beating Selena and turned to Justin to see him free. He cursed under his breath for being so stupid. He actually was afraid.

    I mean, Justin was free and there was no weapon in the room to protect Ryan from getting his ass kicked...


    I'm sorry it sucked. I'm kinda upset that I don't have as much fans as I used to but, Oh well. I deserve it.

    But anyway, I'd really liked to meet you guys so Inbox me anytime. Hehe.

    Comment please! 10+ for the next one.

    Love you guys. - Selena. Show less
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