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  • Philosophy for Heroes [Official Trailer] (1080p HD)

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    LODE Publishing - https://www.lode.de - Our dream is a better world, one in which a philosophy of the leader as a hero is embraced and celebrated.

    Official trailer for the book series "Philosophy for Heroes."

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    * Homer: Epic poet, "Iliad", "Odyssey", teacher of heroism, ca. 800 BC, Greece

    * Thales: First philosopher, events have natural, not super-natural, causes, 624 - 546 BC, Greece

    * Aristotle: Philosopher, Scientist, founder of western philosophy and science, 384 - 322 BC, Greece

    * Hypatia: Philosopher, Astronomer, martyr, symbol of end of classical antiquity, 360 – 415 AD, Egypt

    * Thomas Aquinas: Philosopher, Theologician, propagated idea of an objective reality, 1225 – 1274, Italy

    * Jeanne d'Arc: Military Leader, Martyr, inspired moral leadership, symbol of virtue, 1412 – 1431, France

    * Johannes Gutenberg: Blacksmith, Printer, inventor of the printing press, printing revolution, 1398 – 1468, Germany

    * Martin Luther: Protestant Theologian, spirituality needs no church, „The ninety-five theses“, 1483 – 1546, Germany

    * Christopher Columbus: Navigator, Colonizer, initiated colonization of America („The New World“), 1451 – 1506, Italy

    * Nicolaus Copernicus: Astronomer, Polymath, new model of the universe, heliocentric hypothesis, 1473 – 1543, Poland

    * Isaac Newton: Mathematician, Physicist, classical mechanics, optics, calculus, 1642 – 1727, England

    * John Locke: Philosopher, classical liberalism, modern theory of the mind, tabula rasa, 1632 – 1704, England

    * Adam Smith: Political Economist, propagated free trade, „The Wealth of Nations“, 1723 – 1790, UK

    * The Founding Fathers: Politicians, founded country based on individual rights, 1776, British America

    * Frederick Douglass: Author, Social Reformer, Campaign against slavery and for women`s suffrage, 1818 – 1895, USA

    * James Watt: Inventor, Engineer, improved steam engine, industrial revolution, 1736 – 1819, UK

    * Frederic Bastiat: Political Economist, idea of opportunity costs, classical liberalism, 1801 – 1850, France

    * John D. Rockefeller: Business Magnate, founder of Standard Oil, made oil affordable, 1839 – 1937, USA

    * Charles Darwin: Naturalist, Geologist, the theory of evolution, “On the Origin of Species”, 1809 – 1882, UK

    * Marie Curie: Physicist, Chemist, iconic female scientist, theory of radioactivity, 1867 – 1934, Poland

    * Amelia Earhart: Aviation Pioneer, Author, feminist icon, first woman to fly the Atlantic Ocean, 1897 – 1937, USA

    * Helmuth Hübener: Author, Apprentice, Nazi resistance, youngest to be executed, 1925 – 1942, Germany

    * Sophie Scholl: Student, Nazi resistance, member of the “White Rose”, 1921 – 1943, Germany

    * Irena Sendler: Nurse, Social Worker, rescued 2,500 children out of the Warsaw Ghetto, 1910 – 2008, Poland

    * Alan Turing: First Computer Scientist, artificial intelligence, cracked Nazi naval code, evolutionary algorithms, general purpose computers, victim of prejudice, icon of LGBT community, 1912 – 1954, UK

    * Kurt Gödel: Logician, Mathematician, axiomatic systems are inconsistent or incomplete, 1906 – 1978, Austria-Hungary

    * Richard Feynman: Theoretical Physicist, popularizer of science, quantum computing, 1918 – 1988, USA

    * David Bohm: Theoretical Physicist, deterministic quantum theory, reality is folded, 1917 – 1992, USA

    * Maria Montessori: Physician, Educator, education with regards to individuality, concepts, 1870 – 1952, Italy

    * Carl Jung: Psychotherapist, founder of analytical psychology, 1875 – 1961, Switzerland

    * Rose Wilder Lane: Author, Political Theorist, founder of Libertarianism, “The Discovery of Freedom”, 1886 – 1968, USA

    * Ayn Rand: Novelist, Philosopher, founder of Objectivism, “Atlas Shrugged”, 1902 – 1982, Soviet Union

    Philosophy for Heroes book series (see https://www.lode.de)

    Chapter 1: Knowledge: Axioms, Perceptions, Concepts, Induction, Deduction

    Chapter 2: Language: Origins, Communication, Translation, Other Intelligences, Mathematics

    Chapter 3: Science: Scientific Method, Quantum Mechanics, The Universe, Theory of Evolution, Human Evolution

    Chapter 4: Will: Neurology, Tabula Rasa, Free Will, Consciousness, Artificial Minds

    Chapter 5: Values: Pursuit of Happiness, Meaning of Life, Mortality, Principled Living, Altruism & Egoism

    Chapter 6: Illusions: Drug Experiences, Lies and Truth, Addictions, Value of Reality, True Happiness

    Chapter 7: Psychology: Logical Fallacies, Value of Emotions, Value of Honesty, Daily Therapy, Personality Theory

    Chapter 8: Religion: Origins and History, Value of Religion, Limits of Science, Atheism and Nihilism, A Definition of God?

    Chapter 9: Art: Origins and History, Art as a Language, Value of Music, Perfect Moments, Life as Art

    Chapter 10: Heroism : What is a Hero? Positive Language, The Battle of Ideas, Facing our Dragons, Being a True Hero

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