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    This is the entertainment review podcast dedicated to finding entertainment that does not suck.
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    You'll find old episodes of "This Old Nerd" show here. The show covered how to have the most tech forward house on the block.
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    • Setting up a home network - Duration: 15 minutes.

      • 8 years ago
      We need to get our new house up to speed and that means we need a wired home network. Todayapos;s episode shows you how to make your own ethernet cables, how to attach ethernet to keystones for a g...
    • 02: Put together a home media server - This Old Nerd - Duration: 15 minutes.

      • 8 years ago
      Last week, we built a gigabit Ethernet network. This week, we're putting all our pictures, music, and movies on a server and accessing everything through front end software all over the network. Do...
    • Get free HDTV using an over-the-air antenna - Duration: 15 minutes.

      • 8 years ago
      We're in a brand new house, so we've got to start all over again. This time, we're sticking to our cord cutting ways by installing a new over-the-air antenna using some old and new tricks.
    • Home Theater Components: The Epic Setup - This Old Nerd S02E10 (HD M4V) - Duration: 14 minutes.

      • 7 years ago
      Last time, we wall mounted our television. This time, find out what components power our home theater.
    • 01: Set up a wired home network - This Old Nerd - Duration: 9 minutes, 6 seconds.

      • 8 years ago
      So you've managed to settle down, but how's your tech life? In the first episode of "This Old Nerd," your host guides you through setting up a wired network in your home. Programming note: this is ...
    • Access your home media server from anywhere - This Old Nerd S02E05 - Duration: 9 minutes, 3 seconds.

      • 8 years ago
      We built a home media server with our movies and music, but we wanted to access that content everywhere. So, we tried out a whole bunch of services like ZumoCast, Air Video, Audiogalaxy, and Orb. F...
    • 03: Home Theater/HDMI splitting - This Old Nerd - Duration: 13 minutes.

      • 8 years ago
      This week we're taking our home theater and duplicating it using a combination of technologies. This episode is also useful if you just want to create a long run of HDMI. Go to http://ThisOldNerd.c...
    • 05: Cutting the cable - Duration: 15 minutes.

      • 8 years ago
      Today, we try to say goodbye to cable television using a simple combo of Hulu, an HTPC, and an over-the-air antenna. How did it go? Not according to plan. Expect another attempt at an over-the-top ...
    • 015: Unleashing Your Router - This Old Nerd - Duration: 16 minutes.

      • 8 years ago
      Today we have Robert Borgesi guest-hosting in the most intense episode of This Old Nerd where he shows you how to unleash the power of your router using DD-WRT. In particular, you'll learn how...
    • 10: Front-ends for your media server: Windows - Duration: 15 minutes.

      • 8 years ago
      Today we're covering how to access your media server using Windows front-end software. We check out MediaPortal, XBMC (formerly known as "Xbox Media Center"), and Microsoft's own Windows Media Cent...
    • 08: How to ditch your phone but stay connected - This Old Nerd - Duration: 13 minutes.

      • 8 years ago
      Getting overcharged with cell phone bills? Forget that. We're going data only which will be a huge savings in your wallet. Don't worry - you'll still be able to make and receive calls and texts. Ho...
    • 06: Cutting Cable TV Part II - This Old Nerd - Duration: 15 minutes.

      • 8 years ago
      We did it! We've cut the cable using a combination of an over the air antenna, Hulu, a home theater PC and more. Find out what made a difference in this episode. Today, the show is "This Victorious...
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