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Playing With Grenades & Other Adventures

1,140 views 1 month ago
I decided to carry a camera with me everywhere for two weeks to capture what i got up to, including turning 20, going to find the Camden fire, playing with smoke grenades, exploring London and going on film shoots

If you're interested in seeing more videos you can check them out here:

The lovely people who appeared

Ray Roberts

Jon D Barker

Ella Caney-Willis

Kato Murphy

Tomek Jasinski

Rebecca Need-Menear

Katt Wade


Amy Louise Gwynne

Luke Spillane:

Danny Boylett

Jamie Christopherson

Matt Ley

Danielle Freeman-Grantham

Tyler Cowen

Liz Rainsberry


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It was a very interesting and fun two weeks! I had ray staying at my place while he was in London and all the shoots we were on were for his channel, the videos will be around soon so subscribe to him!

I had no idea what to expect for my birthday as i don't particularly celebrate it but it was excellent! The wolf of wall street press thing set the day up to to an excellent start and after hanging out at Google for a workshop and playing around on penny boards (I'm actually getting better) id had a great day already. Then for us to just go on this little spontaneous adventure really capped off the day. I'm not too sure how rays pictures turned out but it was fun nonetheless!

The shoots were really fun! The beginning of the day of the grenades filming didn't look too good as the heavens had opened and we had been hit by a storm, but just as we started to shoot, it became clear blue sky's and everything was great! The smoke grenades looked insane and I've even bought some of my own to play with for a video in the future so look out for that ;)

As for the super 8 shoot it was really fun, again, dispute the weather (typical England). It was really interesting knowing there was a very, VERY, limited amount of film we could using meaning that everything had to be right pretty much first time! Ray really knows his stuff when it comes to super 8, just search it into YouTube and he's some of the first results, even beating out J J Abrams in the chart. Unfortunately toward the end of the shoot the camera broke and so we had to call it a day, but Rays still looking to finish his movie and is in search of buying a new super 8 camera.

As for just adventuring around London, its always fantastic! Its one of my favorite pass times, not to mention its free! I loved discovering that fire escape, the view was magical, this footage doesn't do it justice! If you know of any cool little spots in London, I'd love to hear about them because I'm always looking for nice places to explore :)

Anyway this was a fun two weeks and a fun little experiment! Sorry the videos rather long but i had to try and condense two weeks into as little as possible, believe me its not a fun job to edit haha!  Show less
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