• Adam Bozon - Silo DLTK 8:31 (Untied World Record)

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    This is my untied world record and the first known completion by anybody of GoldenEye's Silo level on 007 mode (Dark Licence to Kill settings) using the Enemy Health 1000%, Enemy Damage 1000%, Enemy Accuracy 100% and Enemy Reaction Speed 100% settings. Silo DLTK was the only GoldenEye level that has never been completed until now and had been for over three years. Streets, Train and Cradle were the last three to be done in late 2009 and early 2010 but Silo was considered impossible by many people until now.

    This run was done using a PAL console and took about 330-335 hours in total to complete. I played for about 11 hours in 2008, 20 hours in 2011 and about 300 hours since I started playing the level again in September 2012. It took me about 100 hours to complete a run for the first time within the time limit whilst practising with enemy damage at 0% and using the Gold PP7 in places where I didn't have the grenade I needed. I continued testing strats after that and after about 130 hours I started playing for real with enemy damage on and cheats off but I would estimate that maybe about another 40 hours of that has been used for further strat testing to improve parts where I had been dying too much.

    I would rank this the hardest DLTK level by a long way with Train being the second hardest. Train DLTK took me about 80-85 hours to complete so this has taken around four three times as long as any other level to complete. I would even say that completing Silo DLTK is a lot harder than completing Train DLTK twice in a row. I started playing this level without cheats on and enemy damage off in November 2012 and it's taken me until 13th April 2013 to get a completion. I'd say that even if you were guaranteed to get the three grenades then completing it within the time limit would still be as hard as doing Train DLTK so having to get the three grenades on top of that makes it even harder.

    The time limit is not too bad unless the grenade guards are being awkward and keep taking ages to pull their grenades or if one of the most important parts of the level goes badly wrong which means I have to use slower strats after that because patrolling guards aren't where I want them to be. There are alternative strats I can use if I am behind on time and I can kill the grenade guards quicker if I have to but that reduces the chances of me getting the grenades I need.

    There are 63 guards to kill using this strat and a time limit of 8:34 (or 8:35 if you manage to survive a moment at the end after the bombs go off) so that's about an average time per guard of just 8.16 seconds. This sounds really difficult but a lot of guards in the second half of the level can be lured in groups and blown up together.

    The most annoying and difficult part though was trying to get the three grenades I needed on the same go because on a bad day I can go over an hour without getting a single grenade. This is made even harder because the grenade guards are frustrating on this level as they keep freezing up for about 3-4 seconds whilst they're being killed and in that time they won't pull a grenade. This greatly reduces the chances of getting a grenade off them because I haven't got time to wait.

    Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed the video :)

    Thanks to everyone for the nice comments.

    I have set up the following page for anyone who might be interested in trying LTK or DLTK:


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