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Panther - High Contrast / Screen Print Style Random Art

30,851 views 4 months ago
Silenx "Rogue Vindicator" used by permission from Telefuture Records

Buy the "Rage" soundtrack here (It's downright awesome)!

When I draw live, I do it here:

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  • DIY Boxart - Call of Duty GHOSTS

    Thought I'd have some fun and whip together a fan cover for the upcoming (rumored) Call of Duty game, "Ghosts." This time around I opted to use soley photography to build the design. Nothing drawn ...
  • DIY Boxart: Army of Two - Devil's Cartel

    I love drawing skulls and have been an Army of Two fan for quite some time. Had this idea for where half of either skull is painted up like the character masks. Add some patterns and flora - and bi...
  • DIY Boxart: Medal of Honor Warfighter

    This one was a little last minute. I heard about a cover design competition for the game (the night before it was due) and decided to enter. Opted to re-use parts of the original art for texturing ...
  • DIY Boxart: Halo 4

    I would have included the pencil, pen and ink - but the video would have been way too long. Maybe I'll put that up separately.

    So enjoy my take on Halo 4 with a comic book style spin on it. Almost...
  • DIY Boxart: Blacklight Retribution

    So what if Blacklight Retribution was available on disc for PC and console? Maybe something like this? Yes, this is all fake - but it's an excuse to draw up art for one of my favorite games.

  • DIY Boxart: Half-Life 3

    I know it doesn't yet exist (as far as we know), but I thought I'd take a stab at creating my own art for Half-Life 3 for fun. Hope you like it!

    My recorder crashed during multiple parts of this p...

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