• "But you are a God of forgiveness, always ready to pardon, gracious and merciful, slow to become angry, and full of love and mercy.” (Neh. 9:17)

  • The number one reason people argue against or disagree with; "Divine indifference" is because they have it not themselves; when God has gotten a hold of you and removed your human will and made you indifferent to everyone and everything except His Divine Will then you will know yourself of the true reality of "divine Indifference"

  • In matthew 15 the woman cried out to him and he was indifferent to her; twice! then he called her a dog; (speaking of her human nature) and she replied in FAITH; "Yes Lord but even dogs receive crumbs which fall from the masters table" Jesus replied; "Great is your faith woman! let it be as you have asked" since she responded in faith, which NOW concerns the will of God, then Jesus replied to her faith accordingly because Jesus' primary concern is (Faith) NOT the will of man (unbelief)

  • humans care about human affairs and are primarily concerned about the will of man whereas Jesus was indifferent to the will of man and only concerned about the will of God...Jesus' mother mary was all concerned about Jesus turning the water into wine and Jesus reproved her because her main concern was about the will of man being done whereas Jesus was concerned about the WILL OF GOD...Jesus said; "What have I to do with you woman mine hour is not yet come"

  • The true nature of Christian love is a righteous principle which seeks the highest good of others. It is a powerful desire to promote their welfare. The exercise of love is to be in strict conformity to the revealed will of God. We must love in the truth. Love among the brethren is far more than an agreeable society where views are the same. It is loving them for what we see of Christ in them, loving them for Christ's sake.

  • We must be careful not to confuse human sentimentality, carnal pleasantries, human amiability and affability with true spiritual love. The love God commands, first to Himself and then to others, is not human love. It is not the indulgent, self-seeking love which is in us by nature

  • If we indulgently allow our children to grow up with little or, no Scriptural discipline, Proverbs plainly says we do not love them, regardless of the human sentimentality and affection we may feel for them. Love is not a sentimental pampering of one another with a loose indifference as to our walk and obedience before the Lord. Glossing over one another's faults to ingratiate ourselves in their esteem is not spiritual love.

  • True spiritual love is very difficult to exercise because it is not our natural love. By nature we would rather love sentimentally and engender good feelings. Also many times true spiritual love is not received in love, but is hated as the Pharisees hated it. We must pray that God will fill us with His love and enable us to exercise it without dissimulation toward all.

  • The Lord Jesus Himself is our example. He was not only thoughtful, gentle, self-sacrificing and patient, but He also corrected His mother, used a whip in the Temple, Severely scolded His doubting disciples, and denounced hypocrites. True spiritual love is above all faithful to God and uncompromising towards all that is evil. We cannot declare, 'Peace and Safety' when in reality there is spiritual decay and ruin!

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