• LoL Ultimate Bravery LAN Party

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    Probably the most fun game of League I've ever played. Everyone on Skype, a majority of which are having a LAN party, and more than half are using Ultimate Bravery. Music Courtesy of Pandora 'Daft Punk Radio' Participants:

    -Shen = MuffinCraft, "Guess who's back?!" Kerri (Ultimate Bravery)
    -Alistar = Hesseroph, "I am SO mad!" Brad (Bruiser / Offtank build)
    -Ezreal = Holfhebrand, "I missed!", Bob (Ultimate Bravery)
    -Shaco = TetraDeku, Missy (First time playing League of Legends. Ever. Nobody on the other team was allowed to attack her.)

    -Tryndamere = BillSnickr, "Oh no!" Billy (Normal DPS Build)
    -Jarvan = DR34DP1R4T3, "THUNDERDOME!" Justin (Ultimate Bravery)
    -Rammus = VeekoReekbos,"That was fun." Vinny (Ultimate Bravery, First time ever playing Rammus)
    -Soraka = Koejke "He's in the base!" (Normal Support Build)

    What is Ultimate Bravery? It's a site that gives you a champion with a completely randomized usually ridiculous build. It tells you what your summoner spells must be, what spell you have to max out first and gives you the order in which you have to buy your items. Google it, it's a blast to play with friends. Show less
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