• AP Physics Rap [1080p]

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    If you want to review your physics, both non-AP and AP, check this out. This is a kinetic typography lyric video made in Sony Vegas and Paint.NET. Special thanks to my friend Kirby Narine for helping me out in the creative process and assisting with video ideas and planning. LYRICS BELOW--scroll down.

    Beat produced by Noseyuk: https://www.youtube.com/use...

    Yo, chem was hard but I know physics is harder
    So i've returned to attack all the problems all on ya

    Let's start with the basics
    before dat phys get cray
    #1 on the chart, F equals ma (lyrics written out as F=ma)
    Stuck on the free response?
    That's not a problem, mate.
    You'll get at least a few points just write it all over the page!

    take a mass and let it drop, going all the way down
    hear it slam with a pound, sit there wondering how
    much speed it would've had before it hit the ground
    let me tell you how to figure out velocity now

    gravity looked at...dat mass
    with an energetic stare
    started pulling its game
    at ten meters a second squared

    you held it in your hand at height "h" in the air
    now multiply with mg, you can do it, don't fear

    you've got potential, my dear!
    but all of it is just static,
    to find the energy of motion, gotta make it kinetic
    mv squared over two, don't you ever forget it
    solve it all out for v, bring on the next unit

    You know we ain't about drugs,
    but since we're running this joint
    I think it's time we talked about drag force at this point

    when you're used to a vacuum
    having air's inefficient
    but the formula's simply clean,
    and has a coefficient

    negative kv's your friend
    and k is a given
    multiply and do the math then
    sit back and listen
    I'm not finished
    this is easy stuff
    but give me a minute
    rotation's the topic where all the children start quittin physics

    so many moments of inertia it just makes me wanna vomit
    they've got plenty variations but share one thing in common
    be it a hoop or a cylinder, confusion let me stop it
    keep it fixed in your mind that mr squared, is in all them
    (in the video show all the formulas for different moments of inertia, highlight mr^2 in all of them)

    it might be hard to see momentum that's angular
    but put m with rv to get curves from linear
    data and if you're having trouble with orbits like many of us
    t squared over r cubed, do kepler's law some needed justice

    that's all for this round,
    there's plenty more that I missed,
    but you should learn it in class,
    stay in school and don't skip,
    I don't have all the answers,
    this is more of a hint
    so just Google solutions,
    right click and hit print Show less
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