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  • LGBT: Your Kids Have No Right To Be Heterosexual

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    *LGBT Are Factually Proven Mentally Sick Blown Wide Open / A Real Education 101.* Take the challenge.

    LGBT are mentally sick, they go around crying wolf attempting to label heterosexuals with such lies as hater bigot and homophobe because heterosexuals refuse to be as mentally deficient as LGBT, as well heterosexuals refuse to be sexually defective like homosexuals are factually proven to be which is such a fine example of LGBT insanity manifestation and most certainly not worthy of further wasting the time of current and future generations on such an insane manifestation of lies, deceptions and discrimination against heterosexuality that the LGBT are still attempting to force upon the world of which is in part why it is my pleasure to play a key role put an end to this homosexual activist insanity manifestation permanently and globally. To think, this whole manifestation started in the first place because LGBT refuse to accept homosexuals for what homosexuals are which is why LGBT attempt to try and drag everyone else down to their pathetic level with their every pathetic lie and deception as representatives of LGBT themselves demonstrate time and time again.

    Homosexuals pretending to be the opposite sex that they are born and LGBT deceptively categorizing homosexuals as Trans anything is proof that LGBT and homosexuals are refusing to accept homosexuals for what homosexuals are while expecting everyone else to accept them for what they are not and never will be which is the opposite sex that they are born so these homosexuals who refuse to accept themselves for what these homosexuals are can go around robbing heterosexuals of the right to be heterosexual with their sick filthy disgusting homosexual deceptions which also reveals that homosexuals and LGBT refuse to accept heterosexuals for what heterosexuals are thus exemplifying the fact that these homosexuals and LGBT have no respect for heterosexuality what so ever the bigoted discriminating lot of them!

    Being a heterosexual male doesn't include sticking the heterosexual males penis into some homosexuals penis that has been surgically mutilated and stuffed inside his body. That is sick, filthy, disgusting, unacceptable and discriminating heterosexuals right to be heterosexual and a pleasure of mine to play a key role to assure that this sick homosexual behaviour of pretending to be the opposite sex that they are born, such as homosexuals being categorized by LGBT as trans anything is criminalized permanently and globally.

    Fact: heterosexual describes a person that has sex with those BORN with the opposite sex genital that the heterosexual them self is BORN with.

    Fact: Homosexual describes a person that has sex with those BORN with the same sex genital that the homosexual them self is BORN with whether they have their genital surgically mutilated or not.

    Heterosexual males for example are attracted to females and homosexuals born with a penis for example pretending to be female obviously leads to unsuspecting heterosexual males becoming victims to these homosexual filthy deceptions. Being degraded, humiliated traumatized while being robbed of the right freedom and liberty of being heterosexual. It's called discrimination and this form is discrimination is being encouraged by a bunch of bigots know as the LGBT.

    Homosexual males are attracted to males so homosexual males pretending to be the opposite sex are obviously not going to attract unsuspecting homosexual males. Who is the victim? It is quite obviously the heterosexual male who is clearly being discriminated of the right, freedom and liberty to be heterosexual by these homosexuals and their filthy deceptions.

    The rest of this composition in full can be found here on google plus or check me out on facebook



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    David Jeffrey Spetch
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