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    The Official | Dane Curley Die Young | Music Video.
    Lyrics Below

    Song: Dane Curley | "Die Young" | Produced by Talal Qureshi

    Extended Credits:
    Directed by: Jordan Hidalgo
    Featuring: Dane Curley
    Edited by: Dane Curley & Jordan Hidalgo
    Film Concept/Script by: Jordan Hidalgo

    Vocals/Lyrics by: Dane Curley
    Music by: Talal Qureshi
    Recorded by: Dane Curley
    Mixed by: Adil Omar
    Mastered by: Talal Qureshi

    Special Thanks:
    Professor Brian Hemstreet & Team,
    Bergen Community College Media Department
    Joseph D. Meyers of Cliffside Park, NJ



    i spit THE WORD and THE WORD is GOD
    i said the verb and the virgins averted eyes
    i'm in immersed with the thirdest eye
    interconversed with the burst that'll purge his mind
    picture sublime – no, stop.
    picture sublime.
    now wonder why the fuck you need these scriptures of mine
    so why did those virgins avert their eyes?
    cause they prefer an immersion in slurs and lies
    which perverts and inserts us in burdened lives
    to impress there is no need, its worthless guys:
    just feel blessed that you've grown from a low seed
    and when you wonder why i'm singing out of key
    i'm betting when you sing along you sounding like me
    realize the word “I” sounds a lot like “we”

    there's so much to let in
    but i am young
    there's so much to set in
    need iron lungs
    another sentence
    now silence tongues
    or speak your last words
    Before dying young

    you went to bed at night and kept it light
    you thought to left it swept and nexed from sight
    but all the letters kept and letter writes
    now, you're having trouble telling left from center,
    having trouble telling left from right
    and your chest is tight
    you're seeing double
    see him severed
    i'm seeming doubled
    demon pleasured
    see this subtle seething sezzer trying to take away my fun,
    but its all about the good times, unless you’re having none
    they're still trying to figure out why we all like drugs
    and we all like violence, and we all die young
    ...all i know is i'm a piece of it
    And they project their insecurity by saying i'm "the Jesus kid"
    And in dissing miss the point that i look like Jesus did
    and then they're judging me.
    I'm nothing.
    I am meaningless.

    there's so much to let in
    but i am young
    there's so much to set in
    need iron lungs
    another sentence
    now silence tongues
    or speak your last words
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