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  • No, I'm not making anymore skateboarding videos. If you guys are going to stay subbed just to hate on my future uploads, you're fucking dumb.

  • Practice - Duration: 10 seconds.

    • 3 years ago
    Just a practice edit I did in Adobe after effects. I'm not an editor so I was just messing around! expect more gameplays/clips soon! Please like and subscribe. Enjoy!
  • Hey guys, don't bother watching the recent upload haha. It's for something I'm trying to get in. You don't have to watch it.

  • Update video later and maybe a teaser?

  • I hit 1.8 million views! thanks guys. Road to 2 million :D

  • Only uploading gaming content from now on. Feel free to unsubscribe if you want but I would rather you stay and support me. Again, sorry for all of a sudden changing the direction of my channel. Thanks for all the support you guys have given me throughout all the skateboard edits. All of you are amazing.

  • Please subscribe my new channel! Youtube.com/Realsst

    It won't hurt to subscribe (:

  • Please subscribe my new channel! I'm not uploading skating videos on this channel though, sorry. Youtube.com/Realstt

  • I honestly wish there was a way I could change my username...

  • Hey Guys! Sorry that I've been inactive but I just released My first Call of Duty edit! Please watch the link below and Subscribe, Like, and Favorite my new Channel, Thanks! BTW, If you guys can help my reach 50 likes on the edit, I'll make another skating video for this Channel. Help a brother out (:

    My First Edit. - Duration: 14 seconds.

    • 3 years ago
    My first attempt to edit in AAE. Can you guys give me feedback? Like, Subscribe, Favorite and Enjoy!

    Player: http://www.youtube.com/user/DrewMalarkeyy
  • This kid takes my videos and upolads them without giving me credit and his fanboys dare to say there not my videos? Holy shit, you're dumb as hell. Look! -> http://imgur.com/rTeBl

  • Can you guys do me a big favor and please subscribe to my other youtube please? the URL is Youtube.com./OhRonsza

  • Follow me on twitter @Ronsza


  • Just hit 2k subss bitchesss! Thanks a ton guys!

  • 4 more subs away from hitting 2k. You guys are the best for sticking with me!

  • 1.9k <3333

  • Hey guys, you just wanted you to know I made a new channel. It would mean alot if you guys would go subscribe to it! Here's the link. http://www.youtube.com/user/Ronsza

  • 1.8k subs! <3 you all

  • Follow me on twitter @Ronsza

  • It's uploaded (:


    Sean Malto - Duration: 5 minutes, 24 seconds.

    • 3 years ago
    I finally made the Sean Malto video for you guys lol. This was a rush job fyi. I couldn't find the old one I made so threw this together in about an hour in a half. Far as the music, I chose these...
  • Finally finished the Sean Malto video. Took me 2 hours to edit so it's not the best plus it's 5 am for me so I'll upload when I wake up (:

  • MW3 or halo later? Invite me GT: Ronificent

  • Almost 1.7k!

    Xbox has red ring! I'll upload soon though (:

  • 1.4 subs

    over 930k views. Thanks a shit ton guys.

  • Follow me on twitter! @Ronificent

  • Sorry for not uploading guys :/ I need someone with a HD PVR to capture game play for me Please! Thanks to all my old and new subscribers. I feel like I'm letting you guys down. I might do another skateboarding vid so PM who you want me to do :D

  • Wow... Over 700k video views and almost 1,050k subs? I fucking love you guys!!!!!!!

  • 1k subscribers! thanks guys!

  • Please go and sub my new channel! Thanks


  • Follow me on Twitter please! @Ronificent

  • Recruiting for my Clan/Team. Message me if you're interested. You have to be a decent sniper and have Quad feeds or just insane clips.

  • Wow! 600,000 video views? To subscribers, you guys are honestly amazing! If someone has a HD PVR or an Black Magic Intensity Pro, PM me please!

    Thanks everyone! :D

  • Follow me on Twitter @Ronificent

    Also I'm making a COD Team. HMU (PM or msg me on XBL GT: Ronificent) for details!

  • Please, help me hit 100 followers. Follow me on twitter @Ronificent



  • Thanks for helping me reach over 50k video views!

    I said I wouldn't make anymore tributes but at 800 subscribers I'll make a Shane O'Neil tribute. Sound good?

  • So this guy "scooterwazza08" decided to take all my tribute videos and upload them on his channel and not give me any credit?!!? That's shady my dude. Anyone can upload my videos but at least have the "RESPECT" to GIVE ME CREDIT LOL. scooterwazza08, that's low and disrespectful man.

  • Follow me on Twitter @Ronificent

    You follow me and I'll follow you! #TeamFollowBack

    Uploading MW3 FFA later this week <3

  • Thanks for 700! <3

  • 600 Subscribers! <3


  • My birthday is today! I'm finally 15 :D

    Subscribe my new channel please!


  • Subscribe my new channel please!(:


  • I'm done making skateboarding edits... Sorry :/

  • For anyone who cares, I just finished the Chris Cole edit!

    Should be up later :D

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