Welcome on the official [SЯ]-D3ND3RM4N YouTube channel,
Welcome on the official [SЯ]-D3ND3RM4N YouTube channel,


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On: 18 March 2013

(Who works under the label [SЯ] )Is a producer who loves music of almost all sort.Since his childhood, he makes his own music. 
That, over the years has changed considerably in style.He was born in 1995 in The Netherlands,and played in his childhood years in different rockbands.Afterthat he was a unfounded DJ for a few years.Since 2008 he has turned to the electronic sounds. 
And each track contains his thoughts and feelings. All D3ND3RM4N-Music is completely digital and handmade.through his own thoughts of sounds. Which are put together into one track."The Sound of D3ND3RM4N" is a distinct style that you immediately recognize.
By the often harsh and dark sounds,and how a track is created. Also the various influences from other musical styles that occur in his music. Despite the new direction he has gone,he can not resist anytime to make a harder track.
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