Proud '80's Child.

Proud '80's Child.

My Channel Rules: no time for multi nicks, fake accounts, clones, spam bots. Don't ask me to sub for sub.  If you clone me I take this as a compliment. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

This is a channel to discuss any number of topics anywhere from current events, social issues, politics, music, sports, etc. Overall I'm a very positive person be it in real life and online but at times I may come across as negative depending on how passionately I feel about a subject.

I AM AGAINST the islamification and negrification of Europe (our motherland). Blacks have Africa, Asians have Asia, but somehow whites are DEMANDED that they have to share Europe ? If a little opposition is shown, they are dismissed to be a racist and that theywantokill6millionjews and hate black people.  Nonsense.  How about if I said that the worlds problems will be solved if we all move to Asia and ONLY Asia ?  Don't you think Asians would object ? Rightly so, they would and I would not blame them. All races should have exclusive homelands but currently whites do not.  The war in Iraq is an illegal occupation based on lies to serve Jewish interests. The war was orchastrated by Paul Wolfowitz and Dick Cheney based on lies. Muslims, please join us in the 21st century.  You have NO RIGHT to make demands while you live in Europe.  That means no burqua's while you walk into a bank and DO NOT demand that we remove crucifix's in our hospitals and schools. Either you assimilate peacefully or go back to where you came from. Preferrably the latter. Up until now you have met a very tolerant, warm, peace-loving Europe. But our patience is wearing thin. Nationlism in Europe has never been as strong as it is now and it is growing.  History usually has a way of repeating itself.  Don't test us, you will lose.  No to Turkey in the EU.  No EU for that matter.  I do not advocate violence against anybody.  I'm against Pornography.  Visit my link and donate to that great cause. I have always been and will continue to be 100% Drug Free.  I am against homosexuality.

Political Correctness. Very few things in life are worse as hiding the truth to spare feelings of the "oppressed". Led by liberal douchebags who seem hell-bent on giving their country away. So full of self-hate and loathing that tells them to have White Guilt.  They will adopt from Haiti and show off their latest accessory to all their liberal friends but would NEVER adopt a needy child from their own country.  They will tell you how evil white people are from their i-Phone while sipping $5 Lattes at Starbucks, rather than living Soweto or Port-au-Prince.  Moreoever, they will NEVER tell you that whites are the only race in history to end slavery. Slavery is still being practiced in Africa today but nothing is said about that.  I am against Affirmative Action.

White People: in the history of mankind there has never existed a race so happy in it's demise.

Baby Mama's: Once you go black, we don't want you back. Nothing is more pathetic than seeing a ditzy white girl all alone at the mall struggling to push her baby stroller while her "man" is out impregnating some other white idiot. Lie with dogs, you get fleas.

Speaking of which, here are 2 Darwin Award Winners: Amy Biehl and Amanda Kijera -- read about these 2 idiots.

Pet Peeves: Lowlives who sag. Pull up your pants. Nobody wants to see your smelly underwear.  Wiggers, attention-whores, adults that watch wrestling, US sawker fanboys, people who litter, people who don't recycle. Elder Abuse.

Hero's: Bradley Manning, Brigitte Bardot, Helen Thomas, Jorg Haider.

The 2 country's I respect the most: Switzerland and Costa Rica.

johnex3303: YT channel of the most pathetic excuse for a white male ever. (I use the term 'male' instead of 'man').  This degenerate gets his rocks off on having black men come over to service his wife (no, he was not trolling. revealed to me over a conversation)
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