Hey im Toni:

Hey im Toni:

Love to sing, and draw.

THings I hate- when ppl dont tlk to me, or when ppl leave me out.

Things I love: my friends, bestess friends like azariah, alexia, jayla, amarah, morgan, riley, jaylin, kayla, aumrin, kalia, jasmine, ashley, shelby so many more... dont be affended if i didnt add your name because if you are my friend you know who your are to me.

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Please check her out! Please check her out! 
Hello, This Is Toni J's Account and so please subscribe so she can please be noticed. WE have seen her videos once before and just skimmed through without listening to the real sound of it. So please check out her videos and we will help you out on the ones that you want your views on! 

~Jennifer, Cassie, and Chip Davidson 

Open Links: 


Ps~ Toni did not brive us to do this, we have made this to show you that she can sing, and no matter what she is still going to strive!
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