• Coin vanish - Durée : 18 secondes.

    • il y a 5 ans
    • 281 vues
    My friend Julie had her camera, so we filmed a bit of magic...
  • And, as if by magic... - Durée : 69 secondes.

    • il y a 8 ans
    • 533 vues
    My first coin magic video after a year and a half of training, a very short and basic demo. More to come later.
    I'm aware of some of the imperfections but comments (good or bad) are very welcome....
  • NBC Parkour bit - Durée : 3 minutes et 34 secondes.

    • il y a 8 ans
    • 1 524 vues
    An old little Parkour bit shot in Lisses for NBC, featuring Stéphane and Johann Vigroux, kazuma, Seb Foucan and others.
  • Parkour XTREM-UP - Durée : 9 minutes.

    • il y a 8 ans
    • 2 644 vues
    I couldn't find this on youtube so thought i'd put it up, quite old demo/interview about the french traceurs from Lisses.
  • Thomas + Adrenaline - Durée : 20 secondes.

    • il y a 10 ans
    • 1 477 vues
    This is a veeeeeeeery old short clip filmed and edited by the Adrenaline guys of some training we did at La Defense (i'm the guy with red trousers). Sorry for the low quality.
  • Thomas des bois short demo - Durée : 40 secondes.

    • il y a 10 ans
    • 5 854 vues
    This is an old video of me filmed and edited by Airmout. Nothing really incredible, but it's my first and only solo demo.
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